You might express a sigh of relief once all your efforts pay off and the project goes live ! However, your accountability does not end there. Making the project go live was just one of the last milestones. You need to ensure that the customer has attained desired outcome through the implementation.Ā 

The customer success team spearheads all the post go live activitiesĀ  to ensure that the customer is actively using the system. They play an important role in customer retention and recurring revenue generation for the organisation.

Here are some of the action items which shall ensure fulfilment of your support commitment to your customers.Ā 



Customer Database

Track customerā€™s database in your ERPNext,Ā  with Account manager assigned to it.

Within a Customer, you can link multiple contact persons as well.

SLA Master

Ensure to create a master of SLA which has been committed to the customer

Customer SLA Link

Link an SLA with the customer, so that when issue is created, SLA is applied as per the legal commitment

CRM Days

Connect with each customer on a quarterly basis. Maintain a track record of customer concerns and their resolution status. Set the next contact date for the review, and set notification for the internal team.

Customer Issues

Here are some of the action items which shall ensure fulfilment of your support commitment to your customers.Ā 



Issue Tracker

Use ERPNext Issues / Frappe Helpdesk to log all the customer issues in one place.

If you are serving customers on applications other than Frappe apps, and wish to use some other support tool, then itā€™s fine. The need for a single list for all the customer issues will be asked for.

Support Portal

It will be convenient for the customer if you can provide them with the portal to report new issues, and see the status of the existing ones. Again, you can Frappe Helpdesk to offer a portal to customers to fulfil this need.

SLA Application

Ensure that Customer is updated in each issue, and SLA has been applied as per the commitment in the support contract.

Issue Resolution

Ensure your team is understanding the customerā€™s issue well and not sending filler replies to just mark customer issues as replied and resolved. As per the SLA, the resolution of issues must be followed as well.

You can also ensure timely redressal of the issue by setting Assignment Rules feature in Frappe, so that each support agent can clearly see their open issues and reply to them within SLA.

Customer Feedback

On the closure of an issue, trigger an email to the customer which allows them to rate your customer support experience on that particular issue.

Just the feeling of customer rating could game-up your entire customer support experience within the company.

Support Analysis

A report which lists:

  • No of issues (in a month, and over the year)

  • Issues per category / type

  • SLA Fulfillment

Core Product Issues

If you encounter an issue which is a bug in ERPNext, then it has to be reported to Frappe. You are welcome to make a fix and send a pull request (as per the contribution guidelines).Ā 

If you want to report an issue to us, indeed you can. However, the queue where issues can be reported would depend if Customer has been sold the Frappeā€™s support plan or not. If you are stuck with the product issue, and realise that we didnā€™t upsell Frappeā€™s support plan, do consider upselling Frappeā€™s support plan with highest priority. Indeed, Frappeā€™s partner / sales team will be happy to assist you in justifying the value of Frappeā€™s support plan to your existing and new customers.

Assuming that you have been able to sell Frappeā€™s support plan to the customer, and have Support enabled for your customerā€™s site or one of your sites, you can report any issues from here.

Once you have reported an issue with Frappe, here are some of the actions you can take.



Report Issue To Frappe

Report issue to Frappe from our customer portal

Issue Description

Describe an issue keeping in mind that the person on the other side doesnā€™t have any context on the issue.Ā 

  • Describe your problem clearly

  • Provide data / screenshot / GIF which replicates the issue

  • Mention the transaction ID in which issue exist

  • Describe the pattern when issue occurs

Frappe's Issue Id

Updating Frappeā€™s Issue ID in your ticketing system and updating customer

Follow Up

Timely follow-up with Frappe and updating customer on expected release date

Site Updation

Updating customerā€™s FC site when issue is resolved