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Frappe Incubator aims to provide monetary and marketing support to Frappe community contributors and facilitate the building of outstanding Frappe apps using Frappe Framework.

Incubatees get a funding of up to ₹10 lakh / US $10,000 for building a product for the Frappe ecosystem: Frappe Framework, Frappe Cloud, Frappe UI.


Frappe Incubator is a program that funds open source tools built on the Frappe platform

Let’s take off!


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Monetary Support

Kickstart your project with up to INR 10L or USD 10K investment from Frappe.
Access the funds as per the milestones you plan.

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Design Help

While you build the project the way you want to, we have your back with everything design — product UIs to website.

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Marketing Aid

Social media shout-outs, mentions in Frappe newsletters to listing your project on Frappe Cloud Marketplace.

Who should apply

Check your eligibility

Every year, Frappe Incubator plans to support up to 10 excellent community projects. If you can check the following off, your chances are pretty good.

100% FOSS

Concrete Proof of Concept

Detailed Scope of Work

Community Contributor

Built on Frappe Framework

Well-defined Business Case


Hear what others have to say


Sagar Vora, CEO at Resilient Tech

Getting funding from Frappe was the best thing to happen to India Compliance. Not only did we get full autonomy to build the app the way we had envisioned it, but also we got fantastic support from the Frappe team throughout.