Careers at Frappe

Help us Build Amazing Open Source Software.

If you are passionate, obsessive and persistent Software Developer, Designer or Writer, someone who believes in the long term, values quality and believes that honesty is above everything else, we want to know you.

Here are some roles for which we are always looking for candidates.

Software Developer

This involves typically pushing fixes to the products, adding new features, optimizing current ones, writing tests, refactoring the code, helping deployment, helping customers, building administration and automation tools for testing and production.

What we look for in a software developer is someone who is self motivated and is passionate about building software and gels well with our team and culture. You will have as much autonomy over your work as you want and we believe in flexible work in terms of place and hours. You can work from home or come to office and are free to take days off when you want.

Our expectation is that you will make a significant contribution to the product and the community and support the team achieve its goals.

Business Analyst / ERP Specialist

The job of an ERP Specialist is to help our customers use ERPNext to the best of their abilities. Implementing ERP systems is a huge investment for any organization and we make sure that they have great support from our end in helping them make a smooth transition to ERPNext.

You are expected to have interests in business and processes and organization management. As a Specialist, you should have deep understanding of the product and great communication skills and spreadsheet skills.


One of our goals as an organization is to share our knowledge to the world. As a resident writer, your job would be to understand who our users are and help codify the knowledge we have in the organization for them in the form of articles, documentation, stories, blog posts.

You must have a flair for writing and an original voice and an ability to write on specific topics. We take our writing very seriously and we believe that every word we write as an organization is our most important marketing activity.


We work in a result oriented environment, so all our positions come with unlimited leaves, option to work remotely and full flexibility in work hours.

Due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to answer each one personally, but rest assured, we read all of them very carefully.

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