What is Partner Maturity Model?

Frappe equips each Frappe Partner with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This entails detailed processes and best practices which partners should follow as their practise. The SOP process is explain here.

Frappe Ecosystem team timely audits each Frappe partner process by reviewing the processes followed and tools used for tracking their data. Based on their process and compliance with the SOP, they are assigned a maturity level.

Higher the maturity level indicates partner's adheren's to SOP model provided by Frappe.

Five Layers of Process Maturity Model

The following table elaborates the 5 levels of the Process Maturity Model.




  • Partners whose company level certification is pending


  • Company level certification done

  • SOP audit pending


  • Company level certification completed.

  • SOP audit performed

  • Undefined/broken processes

  • Data scattered in the spreadsheet or multiple apps


  • Company level certification completed

  • Processes defined (as per SOP or internally by a partner) and partially/completely followed

  • Lack of data analysis for taking data driven decisions

  • No/unclear business strategy in place


  • Company level certification completed

  • Well defined processes and close adherence to the best practices prescribed in SOP

  • A cadence for analysing captured data and taking data driven decisions

  • Capturing feedback from leads and customers and acting accordingly