Frappe Values

The building blocks of our culture


Don’t forget to be awesome (DFTBA). We have to be good at what we do and objectively get better. Excellence comes from constantly questioning our work till we find satisfaction in our work and others find delight. It means our work (software, services, communication) is of thoughtful and of high quality and usually exceeds expectations.


We believe individual freedom makes for most fulfilling journeys. Everyone should be free to work the way they want, and where collaboration is required, it will be with consent. For decisions that impact a lot of people, we will use democratic or sociocratic principles to come to those decisions, keeping in mind that the compromise on individual freedoms is as little as possible.


We should try and keep things as honest and true as possible. Be conscious in all our decisions so they are simple and minimal and honest, whether it is design, software architecture, business model, workplace rules, travel plans etc. This value summarizes various ideas like sustainability, simplicity, originality, honesty, minimalism, thrift, conscious consumption.

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Updated April 15, 2023