frappe vision

Art for art sake

We aspire to build great products and services, empower and educate,

and be a democratically run organization.

Why we do what we do

At Frappe we do not have an overarching purpose to change the world. We believe that everyone in the team has their own purpose and vision, and we respect that. Some are driven by the urge to solve hard problems, some are driven by wealth and fame and others by just being part of a great team. We don't judge anyone and we don't impose a central "vision", but there are a few common ideas we all share.

Do excellent work

Frappe's products should be well designed, thoughtful and delightful to use. Our services should be reliable, and support exceptional. It would require going deep into how the software is architected, deployed, maintained. People who use the product or service should feel that there is something “right”, minimal and aesthetic about it. There should be a conceptual and semantic consistency across the entire user experience. Our products should be built to the point where skill blurs into art. We wish to build as many products as we think is fun to build and maintain.

Create tools that empower and educate

Free and open source software is at the core of Frappe. While it was an accidental decision, it has become the core DNA and the key part of the identity. Free software creates public assets and does not seek rent. Strategically, it is also a powerful differentiator and distribution mechanism. Free software at its core, is about empowerment and education. By providing our assets and knowledge to our users, we do not seek to unfairly bind our users, but to empower them to do greater things.

Help people to use our tools

We believe our tools like ERPNext can help organizations reduce waste and complexity. Frappe + ERPNext has the potential to be a “full stack” replacement for not only ERP (SAP/Oracle) but also the entire enterprise stack (Java/.NET). With this scope, we should help organizations by providing products and services to help them manage their technology platforms.

Be a democratically run organisation

Democracy at Frappe about ensuring that everyone's voice is heard. It is about celebrating diversity and managing with consent and dialogue over authority. At Frappe we take most decisions sociocratically (by consent) or by voting. We also believe that everyone in the team must have freedom and autonomy to contribute the way they think the best. Other than that, we also aspire to be a place where people feel at “home” and are able to explore their full potential, feel safe, make great friends, and have a fulfilling journey.

That's it! If you are excited to be a part of this vision, come join us.

Updated: January 21, 2021