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What we have found with feature requests, is that Frappe always listens and eventually acts on them. One just needs to submit their request and be patient. Only sustainable way for Frappe, or any other entity in their position, else they would be picking this, and that, and not getting anything done eventually.

ERPNext is a wonderfully flexible system with a plethora of features in the form of modules that can be enabled to provide additional feature sets. We are using the Healthcare module for a very specific and somewhat limited purpose in terms of the features we are utilizing within ERPNext. The beauty of the system is that many unneeded features can be 'shut down' and disabled in order to free the workspace of clutter for the end user. As our needs expand and the system comes online in terms of entities and users accepting the use of additional features, we simply have to enable them and train users how to use the system. This positions ERPNext, for us, as the perfect system to grow with the multifaceted group of professionals we have in the system now. Additionally, although ERPNext is open source, which is of significant attraction in our case, it is also possible to purchase a support contract to help ramp up with the system and get off the ground smoothly. Our support contract, which included some customization work, has been a delight as the staff have been friendly and very knowledgeable. In fact, we have opted to continue with our contract for an additional year to ensure the smooth implementation of the system as it gradually grows in our context.

It is simple and easy to use

There are no words that can truly decribe the awesomeness of ERPNext built on FrappeFrameWork.

The magic that has been built and continue to be built is futuristic. This eco-system is a recipe for greatness.

It has all the bells and whistles , and goes head to head if not better compared to other propriety erp software out there.

Coming from a 12yr stint with Dynamics Nav ERP I can vouch for ERPNext and all its products.

Businesses of all types should in fact must come on board this journey of greatness.

I am very impressed with the open-source platform products and two years ago I started using the ERPNext system.

Currently, in our company, it has helped us a lot and we consider it the backbone of the company.

Because the online store application is based on it. It processes more than a thousand sales requests per day and thousands of purchasing and account transactions.

We have made a major modification to the system. And the beautiful thing is that it is very compatible with all levels of employees because it is easy to learn

Being a primarily ERPNext implementation and consulting services company, Frappe Cloud allows us to focus on ERPNext implementations and not the infrastructure.

Frappe Cloud also has the added advantage of being very cost friendly.

I highly recommend Frappe Cloud, as it saves on time required to setup a server, manage updates, manage backups.


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