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Making life easier with better software

Frappe Framework

Fully featured, low code web Framework for the real world


World's best Free and Open Source ERP

Frappe HR

Open Source, modern, and easy-to-use HR and Payroll Software for all organizations.

Frappe Insights

Open-source tool for business intelligence, data visualization and dashboards

Frappe Books

Free and modern desktop based accounting


Delightful, open-source, work communication tool for remote teams

Frappe Helpdesk

A helpdesk software for providing better customer experiences

Frappe LMS

Easy to use Learning Management System for creating online courses

Frappe Healthcare

Fully featured healthcare management system (HIMS) application for hospitals and clinics

Frappe Wiki

Simple, beautiful Wiki for documentation and internal portals

Frappe Drive

Open-source file management and document management tool


Best in class services for Frappe Products

Frappe Cloud

Simple, hassle-free hosting for Frappe and ERPNext


Ecosystem of independent Frappe + ERPNext service providers

Frappe School

Online learning platform for Frappe and ERPNext


Supercharge your apps with Frappe libraries

Frappe Charts

Beautiful SVG based charts with zero dependencies

Frappe Gantt

Powerful and elegant Gantt charge component for the web

Frappe Datatable

The missing datatable component for modern browsers

Frappe Bench

Multi-tenant installation and deployment CLI for Frappe development