Partner Maturity Model

Hey there! We presume you have already signed up with us as a Frappe Partner if you are reading this. We thank you for your trust in us. 

Becoming a Frappe Partner is just the first step in our journey. Now that your company and Frappe’s brand have an association, we are very keen to help your company follow the processes that help you deliver quality services to your customers and scale up as an organization. Frappe has aligned its success with the Frappe Partners. If we have to succeed together, we must follow similar processes, and sing the same songs/offerings when talking to customers.

Why is it important to have a standard process in a Company? Did you have a pleasant experience in an outlet of Starbucks or Subway in any part of the world because of the consistent store layout,  standardized processes, and quality of products? Thanks to the ecosystem established by these food and beverage giants across the globe for giving the same experience to their customers.

In the Frappe and Partner ecosystem, all of this is possible, only if we agree that we will follow the standard processes in each of our companies. 

If you just wait and think of it, that’s exactly what ERPNext (and other ERP solutions) help companies achieve – standardizing processes. Isn’t it? It has workflows defined based on the best practices like order management, invoicing, and what you have. Since you follow those standard cycles, ERPNext offers you reports and insights, so that you can make informed decisions. 

Conclusively, the whole exercise of SOP and its execution with Frappe Partners would boil down to:

  • Agreeing on the standard processes each partner should follow

  • Measurement of the actual application of it through ERPNext

  • Timely reviews with the partners and identifying the areas where we could improve on

Let’s get started with understanding Frappe’s ecosystem better so that you know how to get aligned with Frappe’s mission.