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Deployment for everyone

How we plan to manage our infrastructure using Central

Anand Doshi July 4, 2016

Why we moved from Celery to RQ

Although Celery is the industry standard for background jobs, we are moving to RQ because of its simplicity

Anand Doshi May 4, 2016

An interview with masters students from King Saud University, Riyadh

A student pursing his masters degree used ERPNext for their project and they asked some interesting questions

Anand Doshi May 3, 2016

Open Day February 2016

Updates for February 2016: Crossed ₹ 1 Cr. in revenue and our new team members are catching up!

Anand Doshi March 14, 2016

Load Overflow

How the stock balance report brought down one of our servers and how we ensured that it doesn't happen again

Anand Doshi February 27, 2016

Open Day January 2016

Updates for Jan 2016: ERPNext OSS Foundation, ERPNext Schools beta and 3 new team members

Anand Doshi February 10, 2016

Open Day December 2015

This month we crossed a milestone of 1000 stars on GitHub and got some of the best contributions from the community

Anand Doshi January 11, 2016

Why do we Like?

Human beings seek validation and every tiny bit increases our confidence. That's why we built the Like feature.

Anand Doshi January 7, 2016

Open Day November 2015

Here's what we have been working on in November 2015

Anand Doshi December 11, 2015

Open Day October 2015

Our progress in the month of October 2015

Anand Doshi November 4, 2015

Open Day September 2015

Our progress in the month of September 2015

Anand Doshi October 15, 2015

Open Day August 2015

Our progress, a month at a time

Anand Doshi September 10, 2015

Open Day July 2015

Progress report for July 2015

Anand Doshi August 19, 2015

Open Day June 2015

Summary of what we did in June 2015 (Hint: Frappé 6)

Anand Doshi July 17, 2015

Impressions of a Brand

If you have used a product, you tend to have an opinion about it. That opinion is subconsciously carried over to the brand. It just takes on

Anand Doshi May 5, 2015

Open Day February 2015

What we were up to in February 2015

Anand Doshi March 23, 2015

Open Day January 2015

What we were up to in January 2015

Anand Doshi February 12, 2015

Working in Open Source

My thoughts and experiences about working in an Open Source company

Anand Doshi January 29, 2015

Version 5

Introducing ERPNext Version 5

Anand Doshi January 9, 2015

Open Day September 2014

What we were up to in September 2014

Anand Doshi October 16, 2014