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Frappe Learning is an easy-to-use learning system that helps you bring structure to your content. Create structured courses with diverse content types like videos, quizzes and assignments. You may be an educator wanting to create courses for your school or college, or an organization wanting to have courses on internal knowledge transfer, Learning can help simplify the process. You can also conduct live batches to make the learning experience interactive.

Structured Learning

Why not just learn on YouTube? If you have ever tried it, it probably works if there is only one thing you learn, but any subject that has multiple topics will be confusing to keep track of. Plus, YouTube constantly shows these suggestions on all screens that distract you from your goal.

With Frappe Learning you can design a course with a 3-level hierarchy, where your courses have chapters and you can group your lessons within these chapters. This ensures that the context of the lesson is set by the chapter.

You also get to add the content in a variety of forms. Add videos from YouTube, or Vimeo or directly upload from your computer. Explain the details with text content. Test your learners with quizzes. We got it all covered.

Live Classes

Though some of us do well when learning independently, others find self-learning isolating. They do well when they interact with instructors. Likewise, there may be some courses that you do not want to be self-learned.

For such courses, you can form batches. With batches, you can group learners wanting to take the same set of courses at the same time. You can have live classes for these batches, where you create Zoom classes right from the app. Learners get to see the list of live classes they have to take as a part of this batch.

You can also assess the learners and evaluate them right from the portal.

Quizzes and Assignments

When learners complete the course, some form of assessment helps validate their knowledge. With Learning, instructors can create quizzes with an unlimited number of questions.

The questions can have single-choice or multiple-choice options. Questions can also expect a text answer instead of providing options. You can also set marks for each question along with a passing percentage for the entire quiz. You can also configure the quiz to shuffle the questions.

Apart from quizzes, instructors can also include assignments in their courses and batches. Assignment submission can be configured to be as PDF, Document, Image, or URL. Learners read the entire assignment from the portal and then make submissions based on the type expected.

Getting Certified

Sometimes you may need to evaluate learners face to face. This could be a final evaluation once they have completed their quizzes and assignments. But with this comes certain overheads. There are 20 students in my batch, how do I schedule evaluation calls with each one of them? Learning handles it all.

The app provides an entire scheduling system. Evaluators can put their slots based on their availability. Learners can then select a suitable slot for their evaluation from their batch dashboard. The app lets you configure your Zoom account along with the Google Calendar of each evaluator into the system. When an evaluation is scheduled, both the learner as well as the evaluator receive a calendar invite. This ensures that they don’t forget the scheduled date.

Once a student has been evaluated you can grant them a certificate. The app provides an inbuilt certificate template. You can use this or else create a template of your own and use that instead.

Social Learning

It’s natural for learners to get doubts while going through a course. So it’s important to have a forum where they can put down their queries. Learning provides a discussion section below each lesson where learners can ask these queries. Other fellow learners and the instructor can then answer these questions.

Learners can also give reviews and ratings to the course. This acts as feedback to the instructor about their course and helps other learners in selecting new courses.

Each learner also has a profile page. There they can add a profile picture, bio, and headline. All the certificates they have received are also listed there. They can send their profile to others and share their accomplishments.

The Story of Learning

In 2021, FOSS United wanted to start a new initiative. It was meant to be a learning platform where people could learn programming for free. We checked out Moodle, but it didn’t feel right. So it was decided that a custom platform would be built for the same. I joined this project as a developer. 3 months down the line, the first version was ready. Mon.School went live with it around July 2021.

At the same time, Frappe was also planning to start a learning platform for its community. It was decided that the same app would be used for the same. I did some cleanup to move Mon.School specific details into another custom app and the main app was used to launch Frappe School in September 2021. This main app is now what we all call Learning.

My vision for the app is that anyone who wishes to start a learning system should be able to do so easily. It can be an educational institute, any corporation with a learning and development department, a not-for-profit organization, or a freelancer wanting to share their experience. I want Frappe Learning to be the default choice for people looking for a learning system.

- Jannat Patel, Product Engineer

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Akash SS

Citizen Digital Foundation

"Frappe’s LMS application has been instrumental in powering Citizen Digital Foundation’s information literacy platform, Litt. From the inception of Litt, I’ve navigated numerous hurdles in aligning it with CDF’s mission of empowering communities to navigate the digital landscape, all while ensuring a seamless user experience. Frappe’s LMS has been pivotal in overcoming these challenges and helped create a clean, minimalist, interface and experience for Litt learners, alongside simple page management protocols at the backend for us. Jannat from the Frappe team has been a steady source of guidance and support, right from onboarding Litt to Frappe to addressing obstacles along the way."

Kurian Jacob


"TinkerHub needed an LMS platform for our 15K+ community members. We recently migrated to Frappe LMS and have been thrilled with the results. The process was incredibly easy and fast, and we were able to customize our courses in a way that we couldn't before. The fact that it's fully open-sourced has been a game-changer for our non-profit organization. We highly recommend Frappe LMS to anyone looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution."