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Frappe CRM is a simple, affordable, open-source CRM tool designed for modern sales teams with unlimited users. Frappe CRM is crafted for providing a great user experience, packed with features for core CRM activities helping you build strong customer relationships while keeping things clean and organised.

Capture every lead effortlessly

Imagine the frustration of chasing leads across countless channels. Emails pile up, website forms go unanswered, and social media inquiries get lost in the chaos. Frappe CRM helps you capture all leads from various sources like emails, chats, and web forms in one central queue.

Having all your leads in one place allows you to organise your sales efforts more effectively, conduct pipeline reviews conveniently, and ensure that no follow-ups are missed, enabling your team to focus solely on converting those leads into happy customers.


Nurture your deals to closure

Frappe CRM consolidates all the deal information in one central location, giving your sales team a clear and comprehensive view of each opportunity they are working on. You can send personalised emails to prospects, capture detailed notes about their unique needs and requirements, and create automated follow-up tasks to ensure that no detail falls through the cracks.

Additionally, you can easily visualise your sales pipeline with clear deal stages, allowing you to prioritise the right deals at the right time. Plus, you can collaborate with your teammates through comment threads, ensuring everyone stays aligned and informed.


Never miss a call detail

Calls add a personal touch that emails and texts simply can't replicate. But managing calls can quickly turn chaotic. Details are often forgotten or scribbled notes get lost. Within Frappe CRM, you have the ability to make calls directly, record important conversations for future reference, and link detailed notes directly to those recordings.

This eliminates the need for constantly switching between platforms and ensures that every single detail from your sales conversations is captured and easily accessible, allowing you to focus on building strong relationships with your prospects and closing more deals.


Ditch emails, WhatsApp your leads!

Today, most prefer WhatsApp's convenience. However, managing conversations by switching apps, searching information, and manually logging chats eats up valuable time. Frappe CRM brings your WhatsApp communication directly into your CRM, allowing you to chat with leads through a user-friendly interface, send media, and stay connected with real-time notifications.

This helps you connect with your customers and leads on their preferred platform, thereby building rapport and increasing overall efficiency in your sales process.


Maintain excellent sales hygiene

Frappe CRM helps you achieve excellent sales hygiene through automated lead and deal assignments based on factors like region, size, or source, ensuring that the right sales rep is assigned every time. You can also set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee lightning-fast first replies, letting leads know you value their time and building trust with potential customers.

In-app notifications keep you informed about comments, mentions, and even WhatsApp messages, so you never miss an important update. Furthermore, custom views of your leads and deals, created by filters and sorts, help you cut down the noise and focus on what matters most in your sales pipeline.


Customize as per your needs

Finally, being a 100% open-source platform, Frappe CRM gives you the freedom to customize it to perfectly match your sales process. You can capture every business-specific detail with custom fields, build unique workflows with custom actions and scripts, and even bulk edit with custom list view actions.

This flexibility ensures that your CRM works for you, not the other way around.


The Story of CRM

It was a usual day in the office. The framework team was discussing how to revamp the UI using Frappe UI – a component library built using the Vue.js framework. I was excited to work with Vue.js, but we had to pause the UI revamp project because Frappe UI lacked components at that time. Coincidentally, the sales team was frustrated with the CRM module in ERPNext due to the lack of features and wanted a separate app that focused on the sales process.

Having worked on MS Dynamics CRM previously, I understood CRM systems. Being part of the Framework team since the start, I was well-versed with the Frappe framework and wanted to work on something I could personally connect with. That's when I decided to build Frappe CRM from scratch and while doing so add enough components to Frappe UI to make it ready for the framework's UI revamp eventually. It was as if all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place, and that's how Frappe CRM started.

- Shariq Ansari, Product Engineer

Take it from our users

“It significantly streamlined our CMS website development process. Frappe Builder facilitates the development of pages with dynamic content generation through server-side scripting. We successfully built an e-commerce portal for ERPNext leveraging Frappe Builder's powerful design and content management features. It allowed us to create a seamless shopping experience for our customers.”

Kartheek Periyasami

Tridots Tech Pvt. Ltd.

“It took me just 3 days to build an amazing website using Frappe Builder without any training required, and all the core web vitals and SEO metrics were up to the mark out of the box - no configuration required.

Definitely makes building websites incredibly easy!”

Nikhil Kothari

The Commit Company

Nilay Patel

Vulcan Group

“Hands down, one of the best features of Frappe CRM is its WhatsApp integration.

It's a total game-changer for keeping in touch with our clients. The UI? Super clean and straightforward, making it a breeze to navigate.

But what really stands out is how easy it is to customize. We've tailored it to fit our workflow like a glove. Frappe CRM? It just works.”

Aniket Bapat

Chandorkar Technologies OPC Pvt. Ltd.

"Overall, Frappe CRM seems like a good option for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use CRM solution.

This CRM provides centralised customer information, improved communication within team members to take follow-ups, etc."

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