June 2024

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Updates from Frappe Labs

Several fixes, new enhancements and a complete makeover.

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Community updates

Launching the 10th edition of the Frappeverse conference.

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Reader's Corner

Dive into some interesting stories from the people at Frappe.

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Cloud gets a refresh

As the monsoon season washes over us in India, bringing with it a fresh wave of energy and inspiration, we're excited to introduce our newest endeavor: the new Frappe Cloud website! Dive into our revamped platform to explore the array of features packed into Frappe Cloud, alongside our versatile hosting plans—whether you prefer shared, dedicated, or hybrid hosting, we have options to suit every business need.

Built entirely using Frappe Builder, this launch represents a major milestone for us, not just as a website but as a robust platform designed to deliver seamless user experiences and innovative cloud solutions. It's another impressive achievement for Frappe Builder, showcasing its capabilities in creating powerful and intuitive digital spaces.

New Frappe Cloud website

Frappe Framework

We're pulling out all the stops with major enhancements to the Kanban Board. Not just a pretty face with a sleek new UI and a smoother login flow, but also packed with performance improvements and bug fixes. It's the whole package!

Upgraded Kanban Board in Frappe Framework


Get ready for smoother operations in ERPNext! Now, you can set up a default operating cost account for your manufacturing processes. This feature streamlines financial tracking, ensuring efficiency and precision in managing your manufacturing costs.

Stock and Manufacturing Settings


This month, we've been burning the midnight oil to enhance Frappe LMS.

In the influencer age, instructors are the real MVPs. So, when creating batches, you can now add instructors. This way, students know who’s steering the ship before they hop on board.

Going global? Add a timezone for each batch to keep everyone on the same page (and time). No more lost in translation!

Admins, this one's for you: configure the sidebar of your learning systems to show only what you want. Courses, batches, jobs – take your pick. Plus, add links to additional web pages.

Embed more components in your lessons. GitHub Gist, CodeSandbox, Google Drive – you name it, we got it. Dive into more details in our monthly update blog here.

Configurable Sidebar in Frappe LMS


Introducing Frappe Insights v3 — a complete makeover! With a snazzier frontend powered by TypeScript, your data interactions are now lightning-fast and intuitive. No more waiting around – everything responds at the speed of thought.

Building queries and visualizing data is now as easy as pie. Our streamlined processes ensure you spend less time figuring things out and more time getting insights. Plus, with a new backend powered by ibis-framework, we now support over 20 connectors, offering you unmatched flexibility.

We’ve also added basic data warehousing capabilities, making it easier than ever to manage and analyze large datasets. And if you’re worried about legacy code, fret not – we’ve optimized everything, deprecating 80% of the old code. The result? A more robust, efficient, and user-friendly data analysis experience that’s ready to meet all your needs.

Building charts in Frappe Insights

Frappe CRM

Frappe CRM has received some fantastic upgrades that will make managing your customer relationships a breeze:

  1. You can now view deals using the new Group By View feature, providing a bird's-eye perspective that simplifies tracking progress and spotting trends.

  2. With the new Settings Page, configuring your profile and integrations is straightforward and intuitive.

  3. You can now personalize the sidebar for deals and leads using the Sidebar Fields Layout Builder, ensuring that you have quick access to the information that matters most to you.

  4. The Quick Entry Layout customization is another game-changer, allowing you to tailor quick entries to suit your workflow.

  5. For those who love a visual approach, the new Kanban Board View offers a dynamic and organized way to manage your deals, making the sales process smoother and more efficient.

Sidebar Fields Layout Builder in Frappe CRM


The latest version, Builder v1.1, is here to blow your socks off! We’ve packed it with features that make building and designing easier than ever.

  1. Images can now be auto-converted to WebP, speeding up load times and making your pages snappier.

  2. Basic Grid layout support brings in more flexibility at your fingertips.

  3. Blocks will now automatically scroll into view when selected from the layers panel. You’ll always know where you are!

  4. Ever wonder who’s working alongside you? Now you can see active users on the editor, fostering a collaborative spirit.

  5. With block navigation shortcuts using shift + arrow keys, you can zip around your projects with ease.

  6. We’ve also improved the placement handler interface and set better defaults for blocks. The result? A smoother, more intuitive experience that lets you focus on the fun part: creating awesome stuff!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Check out more UX improvements and fixes here.

Grid Layout in Frappe Builder

Community Updates

Frappeverse 2024 is set to take place on the 3rd and 4th of October in Mumbai, and we’re opening the floodgates for registrations, proposals, and sponsorships. This is your golden ticket to be part of an event expected to attract over 1,000 attendees and feature a vendor showcase of 30. With early registrations streaming in from all corners of the globe, the excitement is palpable, and we can’t wait to dive into this ocean of innovation with you!

  1. Propose a talk: Have a game-changing idea? Share it with our community and inspire others!

  2. Become a sponsor: Elevate your brand and make your mark at Frappeverse 2024!

  3. Register now: Secure your spot at the most anticipated event of the year and be a part of the magic!

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Partner Ecosystem

This month, we onboarded 4 new partners - Technical Perfection from Saudi Arabia, Infoney from Kuwait, Creative Advanced Technologies from UAE and Ambibuzz Technologies from India.

And guess what? Frappe Local Ahmedabad, is just around the corner! Sponsored by our partners, Sanskar Technolab, Matiyas Solutions, and Nesscale Solutions, it's your chance to hang out with the local community and dive deep into Ahmedabad's buzzing tech scene. Discover how Frappe Framework is empowering local businesses, and find opportunities to collaborate and level up together. Don't miss out—secure your spot now and be part of this vibrant gathering on 6th July!

Learner’s Corner

Learning has never been more exciting! Check out our latest guest lecture on #BuildwithHussain’s Let’s learn ERPNext series, India Compliance with Smit Vora. Dive into the world of ERPNext and learn the ropes from an expert.

Over at Frappe School, we have a brand new course by Hussain: SQL Query Essentials. It’s perfect for anyone looking to master the art of querying databases. But wait, there’s more! Nikhil Kothari is offering training on Full-stack Apps with React & Frappe Framework. This course is a golden opportunity to get hands-on experience and take your skills to the next level. Register today!

And for those eager to learn with us in real time, we’ve got a month packed with webinars just for you! Check out our events page for more details.

And that’s a wrap for June! Just as the monsoon brings renewal and growth, we hope these updates have sparked new ideas and possibilities for you. Stay tuned, stay inspired, and let's continue to thrive together as we navigate the season ahead in the Frappeverse!

Team frappe