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Learning updates from June 2024
More lesson embeds, instructors and timezone in batches, and much more.


Jannat Patel


Jul, 1 2024



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Embed more sources in lessons

This was requested by you all. Many of you wanted the ability to embed content from more varied sources. So now you can embed videos from your Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides. Note that the content of this document will only be visible to the user if they are logged in to their google account in that browser window and have permission to the document.

Apart from these I have added support for Codesandbox, GitHub Gists and Aparat. You just have to paste the URL in the lesson editor and the content would render in your lesson. To know more about the URL format for these sources check out this PR.

Instructors in batches

In today's world of influencers, instructors are the most influential people. Knowing the instructor brings in the crowd. So now when creating batches, you can add instructors of the batch. This will ensure that the students will know the instructors of the batch before enroling in it.

Timezone for batch

As a learning platform, you can conduct multiple batches for audience all around the globe. When your user base is that diverse, it is important to know the timezone in which the batch would be. Otherwise the students just end up being confused.

To end this confusion, moderators can now add timezone to batches. This information will be visible to students of all batch pages. They will get to know which batch will be in their timezone and enrol for the right one accordingly.

Video and Audio player

The existing video and audio player looked different on each browser. To bring consistency to it, Learning app now has its own video and audio player that will make the content look the same on all browsers.

Configurable Sidebar

The Learning app sidebar shows certain items by default like courses, batches, jobs, etc. You may not want to show some of these items on your learning system. To solve this problem, I have made the sidebar configurable. You can now just disable the page you don't want to show in the sidebar.

Sidebar Configuration

Along with this, we decided to give you more control over the sidebar. There might be more pages that you want to show here. So you now have the ability to add custom pages to their sidebars. Any web page that you create from Frappe desk can be linked here.

Share Badges

Last month, we introduced badges. You can see the badges you have received on your profile page. You may want to showcase these badges to the people you know. For this we have made it easier for you to share them.

From your profile page, when you hover on the badge, you will see options to share the badge on LinkedIn and Twitter. Clicking on the button opens up LinkedIn/Twitter with a draft post along with the link to the badge.

Share Badges


The jobs page has a new slimmer layout. Along with the new layout users will now also get to see the number of people who have applied for the jobs.

Jobs List

Jobs Application Count

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Jannat Patel


Jul, 1 2024


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