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Frappe Builder is a low-code website builder designed for simplicity, speed, and flexibility. Craft beautiful websites effortlessly with an intuitive visual builder. Whether you're a designer looking for ease or a developer seeking customization, Frappe Builder empowers you. It also features a click-to-publish option that gives you the complete end-to-end website creation experience.

Best of design and publishing

Best of design and publishing

Website publishing is still not a solved problem. This is because designing and content management systems are at the heart, very different.

Furthermore, web pages were never meant to be visually designed, and browsers have had severe limitations in creating dynamic layouts. Things are changing now. Browsers have evolved with the new Flexbox system, and so have design tools like Figma. But publishing pages is still stuck in the 2010s. Popular systems like Wordpress come with very basic layout design tools, and you still have to depend on CSS magicians to execute to publish pixel-perfect designs.

Builder tries to bridge the gap between design and publishing by creating a platform where you can do both, and yes “seamlessly”. Though the term seamless is probably the most abused term in software marketing, we believe that Builder is an exception. If you have ever experienced the pain of making beautiful websites, we welcome you to try out Builder.

Reusable and customisable component system

When you are making a website, many of the elements of the page, specially the navigation menus, the sidebar, the footer are consistent. Many of the elements of the core layout like articles, images, headings, buttons and cards also follow a standard design. Builder’s component management system is created for this very purpose. Once you create your standard components, they form a part of your library. Then creating new pages from existing components becomes a breeze.

And we understand these components are not static and will keep changing as your website evolves. Builder’s component system is sophisticated to manage these dynamic changes in style and content. Each page can have a special customisations to the core component, which get merged with changes as and when the core component is updated.

Dynamically generate data-driven blocks

Static content is only a small fraction of any website. Most websites have sections that represent dynamic objects, like blog articles, product pages, lists that are generated dynamically from your data. Builder is powered by Frappe Framework which is a full-stack low-code framework that helps you store and manage your data. Builder can generate blocks directly from the backend and show them.

Not only that, the blocks can have dynamic content based on your properties of the data that is fetched. This makes the Builder much more powerful than just a designing system. You can build anything from portals to a fully functional shopping website with the builder using dynamic blocks.

Blazingly fast websites with light weight pages

Builder has been designed with performance as one of the core features. In recent times, web pages have been a victim of too much boiler plate scripting and plug-ins that make even the simplest of pages run into hundreds of megs. Builder pages are “zero-dependency”. It means Builder pages don’t get shipped with any third party Javascript or CSS library adding to unnecessary dead weight.

Builder’s script and style manager will ensure only the bare minimum scripts get loaded, making pages super efficient and blazingly fast. You can add your scripts and styles into small snippets that get loaded only when you need them. These also get cached so your pages show up instantly.

Story of Frappe Builder

"Frappe Framework had a decent website builder which used to get things done, but its configuration-based approach always irked me. Updating configurations and navigating all the way to the published page to see if things looked as expected never felt natural to me. It was like drawing with your eyes shut. The idea of having instant feedback and seeing changes in real-time was appealing. Having a smoother process of creating and publishing pages felt like a no-brainer in this era of evolved web technologies.

Most existing solutions were either too complex, too restrictive, or difficult to integrate with the Frappe ecosystem. Additionally, pages built with these tools were often bloated with unnecessary scripts and styles. I wanted to take a stab at solving this problem while prioritising performance from day one. I aimed to address two major issues with this project: providing an intuitive way to design a web page and enabling one-click publishing.

The complexity of building this project really piqued my interest, which led me to choose it. Ultimately, as a web developer, it helps me scratch my own itch, and I hope it helps others too."

- Suraj Shetty, Product Engineer

Take it from our users

Kartheek Periyasami

Tridots Tech Pvt. Ltd.

“It significantly streamlined our CMS website development process. Frappe Builder facilitates the development of pages with dynamic content generation through server-side scripting. We successfully built an e-commerce portal for ERPNext leveraging Frappe Builder's powerful design and content management features. It allowed us to create a seamless shopping experience for our customers.”

Nikhil Kothari

The Commit Company

“It took me just 3 days to build an amazing website using Frappe Builder without any training required, and all the core web vitals and SEO metrics were up to the mark out of the box - no configuration required.

Definitely makes building websites incredibly easy!”

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Ready to build your first website?