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1 april 2024

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The internet goes aww as startup refuses to share

source code

The company's team has reportedly pinky promised to keep it a secret.

Social media has found an unlikely favourite—a tech company that’s too shy to share its code. “We love to code, but it’s so personal. What if I show someone and they don’t like it? Will they also not like me? It’s so much simpler to just not show anyone anything,” shared the CEO, Chad Buffman.  “With closed source, if I make a mistake, it’s okay. No one will know and my team will give me hugs and tell me I’ll do better next time.”

Netizens share how incredibly heartening it’s been to see the love and care that this wholesome team shares. “This is how all companies should be. Who cares if we can’t see what they’re up to or if they have no community support? They’re just so darling!” said one twitter user. “Morals and values are for boring people, we just want everyone to be best friends,” shared another.

Are they truly best friends? “Oh, absolutely! We’re also best friends with all our vendors and we love to work together and hope and pray that we always will,” said an insider.

But even the most beloved teams have haters. Some sad sacks have been questioning the quality of their software when there’s such little transparency surrounding it. “I’m deeply uncomfortable using any software that I can’t vet myself,” said a source that wished to remain anonymous. “And what if they decide to stop their project tomorrow? I wouldn’t be able to use it anymore then.”

“Oh we wouldn’t do that, you can trust us,” said Chad Buffman in response. “And even if we did, we just want to save you the trouble of understanding it. That would really make you sick”