January 2024

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News from Frappe Labs

Improved flows, UI makeovers, and some new features.

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Upcoming Events

Check out new Frappe Local events coming up next month!

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Reader's Corner

Some interesting quick bits for your reading pleasure.

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New year. New releases.

We hope your 2024 is off to an epic start! Here at Frappe, we've been cooking up some game-changing updates and stories that we want to share with you. We don't just make software; we live and breathe it in our daily operations. Sales operations? Moved to the new Frappe CRM. Website? Got a makeover with the creative touch of Frappe Builder.  After all, what good is sharing software if we can't vouch for it ourselves?

We kicked off the year with a live launch and demo of Frappe Builder, turning our Frappe Website into a fresh, intuitive look that resonated with our brand personality. Frappe Builder isn't just a tool; it's your ticket to crafting websites with your touch of artistic flair.

And that’s how we began the year – with innovation, creativity, and a fresh new vibe. So buckle up because there's a lot more in store for you!

Check out the brand new


Brace yourself for a game-changing feature getting released next week! Manufacturing companies are in for a treat! Get ready to visualize your plant floor with the new Visual Plant Floor feature that can help you view and navigate intuitively through workstations, their related job cards, and much more! 

If you are new to the Frappeverse, here is a quick video that can help you get started - Introducing ERPNext

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Frappe HR

Frappe HR is stepping up its game with an improved payroll setup.

We’ve added features like highlighting syntax in formulas to catch errors beforehand and auto-complete options for conditions and formula fields to ease your work. You can now update the formula in the salary component and sync it across salary structures without breaking a sweat.

Mobile users, we’ve got you covered too - introducing a mobile-friendly job portal view.



Our brand new Frappe Insights product page is now live! Check it out at More products to follow soon.

And for our app enthusiasts, you can now enjoy an enhanced color picker and an improved expression builder for smoother operations.

Build with Hussain

What if we tell you, a new app was built live on #BuildWithHussain?

Check out Hazelnode, a workflow automation app built over a couple of live episodes. 

Frappe Ecosystem

Seven new partners joined the Frappe ecosystem.

If you want to be the next one, join the webinar on February 1 to hear from our gold partner, Aakvatech on their experience with Frappe.

Frappe LMS

Hold tight for a major UI update in Frappe LMS - the backstory and a sneak peek are just a click away.

image 355002bf8.png

Upcoming Events

Frappe is coming to Kenya and Tanzania

Come onboard with the Frappe team at Frappe Local Kenya on February 5 and Frappe Local Tanzania on February 8.

Seize the opportunity to learn more about the Frappe ecosystem, connect with the ERPNext community in Africa, and meet the creators and maintainers of Frappe Framework, ERPNext, and other Frappe products.

Frappe Build 2024

The Frappe squad, hard at work, tackled around 200 issues in a bug sprint this month. If you're keen on diving into such collaborations, here's your golden ticket – join us for Frappe Build 2024 in Pune on March 8 and 9!

It's not just a conference; it's a playground for collaboration. Dive into tech talks, workshops, bug sprints, and more.

Psst here's an exclusive scoop – whispers in the Frappe hallways hint at workshops on Framework, Insights, UI, ERPNext customization, and more. While the decision-makers are still in the brainstorming phase, grab your chance to shine and send in your proposal for a talk or workshop today!

Contest alert!

If you are looking to explore your creative skills, create a website using Frappe Builder and share your creation with us. Winners of the Builder Contest will be awarded at the event too!

Framework Bootcamp

Calling all coding wizards! If you are itching to master and build apps with Frappe Framework, March 5-8 in Dubai is where all the action is. We will build a complete Frappe project during the training days while learning new Framework concepts at each step!

From bench architecture and Doctypes to client scripts and deployments - let’s level up!

Dive into these five blogs that will spark your curiosity -

  1. Refteck’s success story and why they chose ERPNext 

  2. Small changes in operational efficiency can lead to big changes

  3. Journey of Binson Sameul and event with Dubai radio

  4. Summary of the first Frappe Community event in Dubai, Frappe Local Dubai

  5. Book summaries on building businesses and the real experiences of Rushabh Mehta, our Founder, and CEO.

Reader’s Corner

Phew, that’s a wrap for January. Catch you next month with many more product updates, events, and stories!

Team frappe