Welcome to the inaugural Frappe Build 2024 - a gathering for open-source enthusiasts, Frappe developers, and innovators! Join us for two days packed with informative talks, hands-on workshops, and networking opportunities, all centered around the thriving world of Frappe Framework.

Meet Frappe devs


Meet the product owners and maintainers from Frappe who are building amazing products. Discover their workflows and thought process and get feedback on your projects.

Explore what the community is working on


Frappe developer ecosystem is now more than 1000 engineers. Find out what the community is building on Frappe and get ideas for your next project.

Become a contributor


Open source is all about community and collaboration. Help triage issues during the code sprint, fix bugs and contribute features and be a immortal part of the code base.

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All you have to do is register here to secure your spot at Frappe Build 2024 and then we will see you at ⌖ MCCIA Trade Tower in Pune! Since limited seats are available, hurry up and book your seat today!

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We are working on bringing you the best talks and workshops this season. Sit back and relax while we get back to you.

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Support the open-source cause here to make this event a grand success and elevate your brand presence with us.



====================================[ CONTEST ]=================================

Calling all tech enthusiasts and designers to show off your skills, enjoy the creative journey, and grab the chance to shine at the conference! Be part of the Frappe Build 2024 Builder Contest by designing a website with Frappe Builder and sharing your creation with us.

Ready to display your talents? Submit your entry here and review the guidelines.

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For more details, check out our guidelines page here and for queries or further information, contact us at



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