Feb 8 2024 Β· 15:30 EAT

Frappe Local - Tanzania 2024

Frappe Local is a series of networking events all around the globe to meet and connect with the local ERPNext Community organised by our territory official partners. We are excited to announce one more exciting chapter of Frappe Local in Tanzania.

This February 2024, Frappe, Aakvatech Limited & VV Systems Developer Limited, our Official Partners in Tanzania will be collaborating and introducing you to our domain of products on Frappe Framework, roadmap for ERPNext and the country specific enhancements provided on ERPNext. You shall not only hear from us & our partners but will be hearing from our Customers about their experience of using Frappe Framework products & ERPNext.

πŸ“ Venue: Golden Tulip Hotel, Toure Drive, Dar es Salaam

πŸ“† Date: February 8, 2024 

⏰ Time: 3:30 PM EAT - 9:30 PM EAT

Why should you join?

🌍 To network with the ERPNext community in Africa

πŸ’¬ To connect with the local Frappe partner

🀝 To meet the creators and maintainers of Frappe Framework & ERPNext

πŸš€ To learn more about ERPNext, it’s hosting and security from the ERPNext experts

About Frappe

Frappe was founded in 2007 and has ever since embarked on its journey of liberating the workplace from expensive proprietary clutches with its flagship product, ERPNext. Frappe is now an ecosystem of its partners, community contributors, customers and many quality open source applications built over the Frappe Framework

Aakvatech Limited 

Aakvatech Limited is one of the leading novel technological solutions provider in the African markets focussed on offering consulting services, implementation and localization for ERPNext. The idea is to enable businesses of all scale and size to bring efficiency and transformation through effective technology.

Mitesh Choksi, a technology Evangelist & Founder of Aakvatech Limited. He is an ardent visionary, go-getter, software originator and has a creative bent of mind. He has a steadfast passion in software development and gives an overview of the business in a flickering second. After his 23 years of job in ERP for large enterprise implementations, he laid the foundation of Aakvatech that would innovate instinctive software solutions to simplify the intricate and arduous business processes.

Mitesh Khakeria, is a highly skilled ERP Specialist with extensive experience in implementing and optimizing ERP systems across various business functions. He excels in translating business requirements into technical solutions, ensuring efficient system operations, and providing user support and training. His expertise encompasses system management, problem-solving, and process optimization, making him a valuable asset for any organization seeking to enhance their ERP capabilities.

VV Systems Developer Limited

At VVSD, they are passionate and focus on creating innovative software solutions that empower business and individuals to succeed in the technological and digital era. The company was founded in 2006 with the vision of delivering excellent and best software solutions that drive growth, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Vimal Rathod, A software developer, a founder member and managing director of VV Systems Developer Ltd. He is passionate and focused about creating innovative software solutions that empower business and individuals to succeed in the technological and digital era.

Who will you meet from the Frappe Team?

Rushabh Mehta, Founder of Frappe. He is a firm believer of building open source products creating an inclusive community around it. He wishes to revolutionise business software by building high quality, free & open source tools like ERPNext. Currently, he has a better track record of building products than business but he is trying to get better at building teams by expanding the Frappe ecosystem. 

Mohammed Hussain Nagaria, a Product Evangelist at Frappe. He started working on ERPNext, moved to Frappe Cloud and worked on  Frappe Changemakers for quite some time. Now he is a full fledged product Evangelist and is inclined towards Frontend/ UI/ UX and is the host & founder of the popular series of #BuildwithHussain. His mission is to teach and help people build world class webapps 

Ankita Roychoudhury, our Partner Manager for the African region, is dedicated to assist partners in expanding their businesses using the products provided by Frappe. A lawyer by profession but trying to get better in driving growth in Africa and her prime goal is to foster mutual growth and success for our partners and Frappe.

When our team of experienced folks show up in Tanzania for the conference event, rest assured you will hear about the journey so far and learn a great deal about ERPNext and the Frappe ecosystem.

How can you register for the event?

Since it is a 100% free event, all you need to do is register here

How can you reach the Venue of the event ?

You can join us at Golden Tulip Hotel, Toure Drive, Dar es Salaam by following the Google link here to hear out the ERPNext experts and industry leaders or network with the community over dinner.

Tentative schedule

15:30 PM - 16:00 PMRegistration & Arrival
16:00 PM - 16:15 PMWelcome Speech & IntroductionMitesh Choksi, Founder at Aakvatech Limited
16:15 PM - 16:30 PMFrappe philosophy & Open source platform Rushabh Mehta, Founder at Frappe
16:30 PM - 16:45 PMFrappe Framework and possibilitiesHussain Nagaria, Product Evangelist at Frappe
16:45 PM - 17:00 PMFrappe Ecosystem in AfricaAnkita Roychoudhury, Partner Manager at Frappe
17:00 PM - 17:15 PMCountry Specific Enhancements CSF_TZ for local marketNarindwa Mnzava, Implementation Consultant, Aakvatech Limited
17:15 PM - 17:30 PMHR & Payroll facilities for local marketEkta Lodhari, Implementation Consultant, Aakvatech Limited
17:30 PM - 17:45 PMCustomer experience on ERPNextEliuter Koka, Director, SF Group of Companies Tahira Nizari, Co-Founder, Kazi Yetu & Mohit Zinzuwadia, Head of Distribution, JD Group of Companies
17:45 PM - 18:00 PMQuestions and AnswersTBD
18:00 PM - 18:30 PMGeneral networking and Discussion Open discussion
18:30 PM -19:00 PMOne-on-One Client DiscussionOpen discussion
19:00 PM - 19:30 PMClosing NoteVimal Rathod, Founder at VV Systems Developer Limited