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What we have found with feature requests, is that Frappe always listens and eventually acts on them. One just needs to submit their request and be patient. Only sustainable way for Frappe, or any other entity in their position, else they would be picking this, and that, and not getting anything done eventually.

There are no words that can truly decribe the awesomeness of ERPNext built on FrappeFrameWork.

The magic that has been built and continue to be built is futuristic. This eco-system is a recipe for greatness.

It has all the bells and whistles , and goes head to head if not better compared to other propriety erp software out there.

Coming from a 12yr stint with Dynamics Nav ERP I can vouch for ERPNext and all its products.

Businesses of all types should in fact must come on board this journey of greatness.

I am very impressed with the open-source platform products and two years ago I started using the ERPNext system.

Currently, in our company, it has helped us a lot and we consider it the backbone of the company.

Because the online store application is based on it. It processes more than a thousand sales requests per day and thousands of purchasing and account transactions.

We have made a major modification to the system. And the beautiful thing is that it is very compatible with all levels of employees because it is easy to learn

Every time there's a survey from Frappe, I normally pick ERPNext promoter amongst the list of options for involvement with ERPNext, instead of ERPNext developer/Implementer. Why? Because every opportunity I get, I'm trying to recruit accounting consultants, or implementer's of other ERPs to start implementing ERPNext. Simply because its a really good product.

In manufacturing and trading Industries, it will almost always meet the expected requirements from customers. And of course the cost friendliness.

ERPNext helped us have access to a word class ERP at an affordable pricing for a start up like ours back then. We have seamlessly spread our operations across 2 countries now and we haven't had to look back. A very helpful tech support team is ERPNext's greatest asset and gives us peace of mind that our systems are never down long enough to affect our business.

Comprehensive and yet simple. Particularly in Quality Inspection and Scrap Material. Flexible workflow in manufacturing process.


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