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RestaurantOS is the only software your restaurant will need. Easy and intuitive an open-source tool for your restaurant to run smoothly, so you can focus on what really matters.

In the era technology is helping businesses increase effeciency, restaurants are forced to choose between and put trust in closed proprietery solutions, that by design limits interoperability and control. They currently lack a reliable & modern open-source solution. An open-source RestaurantOS on top of ERPNext has the potential to not only benefit existing ERPNext users in the restaurant industry, but can also attract restaurants using legacy solutions or stuck with expensive options to migrate to ERPNext.


  1. RestaurantOS solution within the Frappe ecosystem offers significant added value through integration with ERPNext.
  2. Closed-source software solutions limit options for integration with other ERPs such as ERPNext.
  3. Real-time data integration is restricted in many existing solutions.
  4. Expensive proprietary solutions like SAP and Dynamics are often the only viable integration options

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