Head of Marketing

Great marketing is about great storytelling and driving results by setting a pipeline. As the head of marketing, your job will be to set and execute a vision by building a team and enabling demand generation to enhance the bottom line.

Over the last decade, as an open-source company, we’ve had decent traction and a steady inbound flow. We have a loyal community of open source enthusiasts who appreciate our products for their simplicity and freedom.

But we feel like it’s time to outgrow our natural reach and are looking for a passionate marketing leader who’d bring marketing strategy and funnel-building experience to the table. Most importantly we want you have experience in setting a vision, a pipeline and building a team to bring that into reality and add to the bottom line.

Being a complex B2B software, we’re sales heavy but marketing will have a key role in increasing inbound leads, a bit of brand awareness, and enabling more paying customers.

What you will be working on

As the head of marketing, you will lead and build the marketing team to enable results. You'll be working on things like:

  • Tap into and leverage opportunities using different channels like organic, paid, events, co-branding, etc for enabling better leads and revenue.
  • Set up processes and tools (CRM, marketing automation, martech) to bring it all together.
  • Set strategy to increase quantity and quality of MQLs, and conversion rates are different stages of the funnel.
  • Prepare plans for assets like websites, blog posts, videos, campaigns, and social media.
  • Hire team members and external help as required.
  • Spend a bit of time yourself in writing and storytelling.
  • Share inputs on retention and eventually set up processes to fix any leaks.
  • Contribute and strategize to enter new markets.

What we expect

We’re not looking for a hustler, for a self-proclaimed growth hacker, a PPC wizard, or an email marketing guru. While these qualities are important, this role is broader and you should have depth and structure in thought, an ability to set a vision, an activity, and revenue pipeline. Then, you'd work down from there to achieve goals with a team you can pick and build. Some qualities we look for are:

  • You've set and led the vision for marketing before and want to do it again at Frappe.
  • You know how to build a martech stack.
  • You have a sharp eye for detail, know where to direct efforts, and capitalize on the best opportunities.
  • You’re creative, organized, take initiative, and know how to get things done.
  • You are ambitious and driven to lead and achieve.
  • You understand what’s important between art, analytics, and science.
  • People from the B2B SaaS backgrounds are highly preferred. Mixed work background could also work if you have relevant experience.
  • Our founder is passionate and particular about aesthetics and other aspects, so you should be able to stand up for your ideas backing them with data or enable team members to do so.
  • At least 10 years of experience in marketing roles is preferred.
  • Any graduate or post graduate degree is suitable
  • You have excellent taste in storytelling, design, and aesthetics.

Sounds great? Apply for the job.

You can start by filling the job application form. Also, add in a cover letter link where you talk about:

  1. How you’ve affected and led change in a marketing team before. How would you go about setting market positioning and branding for Frappe and ERPNext? What mediums would you use?
  2. Which companies do you think are exceptional at marketing? And why do you think they’re great?
  3. What/who are your inspirations in marketing?

Remember that we value great writers and great writing doesn’t always mean more. About 1,000 words is a decent length for your cover letter, ok you can go 1,500 if you really feel like it and can write well.

Working at Frappe

Frappe primarily works on creating open source software frameworks and applications. Our flagship product, ERPNext, is loved by thousands of people worldwide. We were established in 2008 and have a great reputation for building great products. We believe in creating the best products in the world and forging our own path doing it.

The work timings are flexible so you don't have to be. Work from anywhere at any time. We don't track hours, we track delivery. We encourage you to read more about the company vision and our values.

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