Open Day February 2016

Updates for February 2016: Crossed ₹ 1 Cr. in revenue and our new team members are catching up!

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand.

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  • It was a steady month in terms of new signups, new customers, renewals and support issues
  • Rushabh, with some help from Shreyas and Anand, worked on a new multi-server deployment/management platform for frappe framework and its apps
  • Configurable Desktop is coming soon!
  • Anand added some security fixes into the framework to prevent XSS attacks
  • Nabin and Saurabh put in a lot of time to fix Shopify syncing issues, alas it is a hard problem and still has some open issues
  • Neil and Valmik worked on app-wise setup wizard for the ERPNext Schools project, as well as the Mumbai Hackathon website
  • Kanchan's first month in the team was about learning Frappé and adding some new features in the ERPNext portal views
  • Rohit started with a bang by implementing Multilingual Print Formats!
  • Shreyas parsed the ansible codebase to figure out its Python API. What's commendable is that he isn't afraid to dig into the code to get things done.
  • Pranjali is settling into her sales role

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Anand Doshi

Anand is the Chief Technology Officer at ERPNext. He reads fiction, dabbles in photography and is always on the watch for the best ToDo app.

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