Open Day April 2014

Team presentations for April 2014

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Open Day is a monthly event where we share updates with the team and the community about our activities.

This month's target was to release version 4 to the community, and we did it! Most of our effort went into giving finishing touches to the new MVC architecture, and fixing resulting bugs that got caught thanks to the existing test cases. More details on version 4 can be found in the post: ERPNext Version 4 is Here.

We also divided our content among 3 different sites:
  1. A product page for ERPNext -
  2. Our cloud offering for ERPNext -
  3. The community and documentation website for Frappe Apps -

On the sales front, we had another good month, receiving 16 new customers and 14 renewals.

Here are the presentations:

Anand Doshi

Anand is the Chief Technology Officer at ERPNext. He reads fiction, dabbles in photography and is always on the watch for the best ToDo app.

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