Modern, Feature-Rich Wiki Application

Save Edits as Draft

Need to go somewhere quick and want to continue later? Just save your work as draft and continue later

Approval Mechanism (Optional)

In-built Role-Based Approval Mechanism. Any logged-in user can contribute and edit, but it will be deployed only after approval

Audit Log

Each Revision is recorded and the entire history is available. Comparison between each change can be viewed in Git Style Diff.

Table of Contents

The table of Contents for each page is generated automatically from the text. It is displayed on the right hand sidebar and highlighted according to the viewport

What you see is what you get!

With Text Editor integration, pages can be edited like any other word processing software. There is no need to learn any markup language like Markdown or HTML

Custom Script Support

It is possible to change UI/ UX for specific use cases. In Wiki Settings, you can write custom javascript code that gets shipped on each page.

Zero Downtime Documentation Solution

Built on Frappe Framework