February 2024

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Updates from Frappe Labs

Bug fixes, UI improvements and powerful new features!

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Event Updates

Catch up on the latest event happenings from Frappe

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Reader's Corner

Some interesting quick bits for your reading pleasure.

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Frappe. Refreshed.

This month, we kicked things off with Frappe Refresh – our company offsite where we immersed ourselves in team bonding activities and multiple interesting team discussions. It was a perfect blend of fun and work, ensuring the spirit of Frappe stayed alive and well!

Frappe Refresh - February 2024

Framework Updates

To all the support teams out there, we've got your back. Admins can now impersonate and log in as any user, making troubleshooting easier. Rest assured, we've implemented measures like immediate activity logs, persistent tags, and notifications to prevent any potential misuse.

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Frappe Cloud

We're dedicated to boosting your efficiency with Frappe Cloud. In line with this goal, introducing – app cache, designed to significantly slash bench build time to roughly a third!

Frappe LMS

Get ready for a new LMS experience! From better navigation to the introduction of a develop branch, all the details are in this blog. The beta of the new version will be in your hands this March.

Frappe Builder

Experience significant enhancements in the component system, bug squashes, and UX improvements – all inspired by your feedback. But we aren’t stopping there. Brace yourself for a new addition coming your way – the page template system, simplifying the creation of multiple web pages using predefined templates.

On another note, the Frappe Builder Telegram group is buzzing as the Builder contest submission date approaches. Don't miss out – join the excitement today!

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Frappe CRM

CRM is leveling up, one feature at a time. Introduced three new features, and they pack a punch!


In this month’s episode of ‘Let’s learn ERPNext’, Rohit unravels the Serial & Batch Bundle feature of ERPNext. Additionally, the Hazelnode series on workflow automation crossed over a dozen episodes – dive into the playlist today.


Partner Ecosystem

A warm welcome to our five new partners:

Techtic Solutions Inc, Sukan B.V, Digitas, SyvaSoft Business Solutions Pvt Ltd and Chandorkar Technologies OPC Pvt. Ltd


Event updates

In Conversation with Partners

Mark your calendars for March 8 – an episode of 'In Conversation with Partners' featuring Delwin Arackal from Craft Interactive. Hear about their experience as a Frappe Partner and get your questions ready!


Vanakkam Chennai!

If you are looking to meet a few partners and the Frappe team in person, don’t miss Frappe Local Chennai on March 16.

Frappe Build

To all the developers out there, get ready for Frappe Build 2024. It's on the horizon, and it's going to be fun. Stay tuned for the talks, workshop, and bug sprints schedule. The energy is building up, and we can't wait to share it with you!

Reader's Corner

Here are some quick reads on recent happenings at Frappe: 

  1. What makes Frappe different? Find out in our latest blog

  2. Take a trip with us to Africa and Kenya – we've got stories to share

  3. Adding another perspective to the same Africa trip, here are notes from From Hell's Gate to Prison Island and back

Reader’s Corner

That's a wrap for February! Stay curious, and DFTBA (Don’t forget to be awesome!). We'll catch you next month with more updates from the Frappeverse.

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