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We like the partnership because of the many benefits:

  1. Leads from Frappe, lots of them, from MEA region, for us.
  2. Leads from potential clients, who have seen you as a certified partner on ERPNext partner listing.
  3. Amazing support from the team in closing this leads.
  4. Growth, revenue wise, and experience in different kind of projects, and different markets.

Experience was friendly and regular weekly connect without fail ensures regular dialogue and addressing of any open issues.

Overall it was great to work with the entire team. Focus is towards delivery and providing value to customers that makes all discussions to the point and professional. Support on the functional front has been fantastic.

We have started using ERPNext in v10 in 2016 and have now made a business out of it supplying ERPNext for Germany, DACH, Europe and the world.

Team Indictrans feels there is a need to have an ecosystem and Rushabh got it right, we have that in place. Earlier, the stakeholder for the partners was missing, from the moment this initiative started till date, it has improved. Without partners, it is difficult to implement. The partner program is going well and will be beneficial in the longer run.

We’re happy to be connected with ERPNext. We foresee the success and think that it only will multiply returns and community size. We wish the Frappe team the best of everything and look forward to a lifelong association. Some things are destined to be and ERPNext is one such magic that happened to them.


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Aakvatech wins a silver partnership with Frappe!

A transmutation from Amazon Web Service to Frappe Cloud Service helped Aakvatech, a Tanzania-based organization, to get rid of bottlenecks at a minimum cost. This “cloud” clearly had a silver lining!

ERPNext in Libya, Ebkar's rise to modernization

Ebkar Technology’s story with ERPNext and how they made sure that small and medium businesses had access to the power of ERPs

Frappe collaborates with Accurate Systems in KSA for ERPNext.

Accurate Systems provides software development services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is their story on why they chose ERPNext over Odoo and other software.

Frappe Partner ALYF's journey with ERPNext in Germany

Raffael Meyer's story of how ALYF GmbH found footing in Germany to promote and support the growth of ERPNext

GreyCube in partnership with Frappe for ERPNext and Frappe Cloud

Team GreyCube traveled to Mumbai to attend the annual ERPNext conference. Little did they know that their first PR will be rewarded with a bounty and hammer out a partnership deal with ERPNext.

Growing with the market: Indictrans’ expedition to ‘Gold’

What it took for Indictrans to become Frappe’s first Indian Gold Partner and learn how to handle enterprise projects seamlessly.

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