What Inspires Us?


Design Philosophy Writing

We just love 37Signals and their philosophy of working, not to mention their products which are just amazing. We think that they, and not SalesForce, are the true pioneers of web applications. What is even more surprising is that after all these years, they remain as fresh and thought provoking as usual. Our product and design owes a lot to them.

Sal Khan And Khan Academy

Free Scale Revolutionary

Few people have single handedly created a revolution like Khan Academy has done for education. Sal Khan has also defied conventions in very interesting ways. He did not employ an army of people to make his videos. He created close to 3000 videos, using his own personal skills and technology. Being a non-profit, he was able to make a great team and also get support from some of the world best foundations. And he is an amazing role model for South Asians.


Quality Reliability Technology

GitHub has re-invented the way Open Source software is written and shared on the Internet. It has a very well crafted user interface with numerous hidden gems that help you productively manage the software development process and communicate with the community. Over and above this, GitHub gives a very secure, clean and powerful user experience. And ofcourse, all our code is hosted at GitHub.


Design Quality Vision

I know we are sounding cliched, but it's just not Steve Jobs. We think that Apple is Apple because what is beautiful on the outside is beautiful inside too. One cannot just take the external appeal of Apple and replicate that. They have set the benchmark of engineering (yes they beat the Germans and the Swedes) and we hope we can understand and use some of their focus and attention to detail.


Open Source Ecosystem

Wordpress (and Automattic, the company behind wordpress) has provided us with a template of how an Open Source business should be built. Wordpress has made blogging accessible to millions of users and also built a passionate user, developer and partner community. Whenever we are in doubt in terms of taking business decisions, we find asking ourselves, what does Wordpress do.