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100% open source business intelligence tool to streamline, combine, transform and visualise data to make better decisions.

Insights is a 100% open source business intelligence tool to help businesses make the best use of their data. Nowadays, businesses are generating more data than ever before. Most businesses have a website, a CRM, a customer portal, a project management tool, and many more systems. These systems are mostly disconnected and their data is scattered. Businesses need to make use of these data to make faster and better decisions. Insights is meant to help businesses to do just that.





Data Sources

Connect to multiple sources

Centralize your data by connecting to your databases, importing CSVs, fetching from APIs and more. Model your data into a clean data repository that is more understandable and ready for analysis.



Build complex queries with ease

Discover our best-in-class query builder to perform complex analysis by knowing just a few core concepts. Build re-usable, dynamic, multi-level and performant queries without writing any SQL. Combine data across sources to get a complete picture of your business.



Every charting option you need

Make your analysis more engaging by transforming it into charts, graphs and interactive tables. Let Insights choose the best chart for your data or choose one from a dozen of charts and customize them to your liking.



Powerful, composable dashboards

Organize your visualizations into dashboards and keep track of your important metrics. Add filters to your dashboards to make them more interactive. Share it with your team, customers with a link or embed them to your website.



What users have to say


Michelle Alva

Director - Operations, Frappe

At Frappe, we've been using ERPNext for our internal data management since day 1. While we had all the necessary data in one place, we struggled to quickly extract insights from multiple data sources for strategic decision-making.

Last year, Saqib Ansari developed Frappe Insights, a tool that has been a game-changer for me and all of us at Frappe. With just a few clicks, I'm able to write queries and generate charts and reports. It's been an invaluable addition to our business and operational workflow.

from the Author

The Story of Insights

We believe in first principles. We believe in trying and failing instead of following traditional approaches. Since freedom is one of the core values of our company, anyone who is passionate enough to build something to solve a problem is encouraged to do so and that's how I chose to build Insights - a tool to make use of the data we had accumulated over the years.

I wanted to make it easier for anyone to build all kinds of reports. This idea quickly (and unknowingly) turned into building a generic business intelligence tool that can be used by any business to get a bird's eye view of their overall performance.

I believe Insights will soon be one of the best open source business intelligence tools with a crafted user experience and comprehensive features.

- Saqib Ansari