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Many businesses in the US lack a user-friendly and comprehensive payroll system built for their specific needs and compliant with complex tax regulations. And as more and more businesses need a single system to handle their complete enterprise on one system, ERPNext has a compelling case for including the payroll system as a part of the total offering to the enterprise customers in the US region.


This project proposes the development of a US-focused payroll system as part of the Frappe Incubator program. This system will seamlessly integrate with the existing Frappe framework and offer features like:

Employee Management: Onboard and manage employee data, including tax information and pay details.

Time & Attendance: Track employee hours through integrations or manual entry.

Payroll Calculations: Accurately calculate regular pay, overtime, bonuses, and deductions.

Tax Compliance: Adhere to federal and state regulations (FLSA, IRC) and handle tax reporting.

Seamless Integration: Integrate with existing Frappe modules (HR, Accounting) and potential third-party apps.


Expand Frappe's Market: Attract US businesses and users seeking a robust payroll solution.

Enrich Frappe Ecosystem: Contribute a valuable and widely used module to the Frappe platform.

Modern & User-Friendly: Offer a user-friendly experience for efficient payroll management.

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Join us in building a comprehensive US payroll system that empowers businesses and strengthens the Frappe ecosystem.

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