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Frappe Helpdesk is an open source ticketing tool that helps you streamline your support workflows, handle issues efficiently, and delight customers – all at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to boost agent productivity, reduce resolution times, and deliver exceptional customer experience, give Frappe Helpdesk a try.


One queue per agent

Struggling with scattered customer issues? Frappe Helpdesk consolidates customer complaints from all sources - emails, website forms, chats - into one single queue. No more missed messages, confused agents, or switching tools.

Agents see all requests, prioritise tasks, and chat directly within tickets. Consolidated communication threads ensure relevant responses and easy tracking of ticket history, and internal comments keep everyone on the same page, leading to faster resolutions, happier customers, and a more productive team.


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Ensure reliable support with SLAs

Uncertain resolution times can cause customer anxiety. Frappe Helpdesk solves this by letting you configure Service Level Agreements (SLAs). You can set up working hours, define priority-based SLAs, add holiday exceptions - all within the helpdesk.

The applicable SLA automatically applies to each ticket, giving agents and customers clear visibility into expected response and resolution times. SLA countdowns ensure prioritisation, while customers can view SLA details on their tickets for updates. This transparency sets expectations and prevents frustration, enhancing the overall support experience.


Automate and optimise for productivity

Worried about manual assignment of tickets? Frappe Helpdesk allows you to configure automated assignment rules based on set conditions, routing tickets to the relevant support team.

You can further customise assignments within teams using round-robin for equal distribution, or load-balancing based on current workloads. This automation eliminates manual effort, ensuring tickets reach the appropriate agent promptly for efficient resolution. Agents can focus on resolving issues, while customers benefit from quicker responses through optimised routing.


Empower customers to help themselves

Imagine deflecting common issues before they even reach your support team. Frappe Helpdesk's built-in knowledge base lets you create help articles which can be organised into categories and sub-categories that your customers can use as a self-service resource.

When customers raise a ticket, Frappe Helpdesk suggests relevant knowledge base articles matching their issue, encouraging them to find solutions independently before contacting your support team. This helps you deflect common queries and reduce overall ticket volume, allowing your team to focus on complex issues. As a plus, these knowledge base articles also double up a valuable long-term asset which can be referred by both your customers and internal team.


Simplify issue reporting

When customers need help, they want an easy way to reach out. Frappe Helpdesk provides a user-friendly customer portal for easy issue reporting. Customers can create new tickets, describe issues in detail, and attach relevant files for quick resolution.

After raising a ticket, they can view SLA details, track progress, and communicate with agents directly within the portal. Once resolved, they can close the ticket and optionally provide feedback through ratings and comments which is useful for improving your team’s performance. The portal also shows all of the customer's previous and ongoing tickets in one view, providing full visibility into their support history for future reference or independent troubleshooting.


Save time through canned responses

Responding to frequently asked questions or common issues can be repetitive and time-consuming for support agents. Frappe Helpdesk's canned responses feature helps agents to compose templated responses that they can quickly insert into tickets, saving valuable time.

With canned responses at their fingertips, agents no longer have to repeatedly re-type the same explanations or instructions. Additionally, they can also customise the canned responses as needed before sending it to the customer. 

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Enjoy a personalised user experience

Off-the-shelf solutions often lack adaptability. Frappe Helpdesk, being open-source, empowers you to take control. You can easily add custom fields to capture specific data in your customer and agent portal. Additionally, configure custom actions with scripts to replicate your unique support workflows.

With Frappe Helpdesk, your support portal becomes an extension of your brand and processes, not just another generic tool.


Story of Frappe Helpdesk

"As businesses focus more on providing exceptional customer service, having an efficient helpdesk portal has become crucial. While proprietary support tools exist, they can be expensive and difficult to customise, leading many businesses to rely on emails for customer support, which quickly becomes disorganised.

ERPNext had a basic support module, but its user interface for handling tickets was basic and generic. Recognising the need for a robust, open-source helpdesk solution and driven by our own internal requirements, we developed Frappe Helpdesk with a user-friendly interface designed specifically for efficient ticket management.

Today, Frappe Helpdesk is an essential part of our internal support operations, serving over 7,000 customers across all our products. We are confident that it can streamline your customer support processes as well."

Sumit Bhanushali - Product Engineer

Take it from our users

Dany Robert

Wahni IT Solutions

"Frappe Helpdesk, which is yet another wonderful product in the FOSS suite of Frappe, has streamlined our support cycle and brought in better accountability. With each ticket raised and tracked from the portal itself, the client and our team gets better visibility. Our support resolution time improved, client satisfaction and overall transparency also increased. With the addition of Genie (another FOSS product), our clients could directly raise ticket with audio and video recordings right from within their instances, reducing extra efforts! Overall, Helpdesk have been a game changer for us!"

Safvan Hussain

Location Solutions Telematics LLC

"Frappe Helpdesk is designed with a clean, intuitive interface that simplifies the process of managing customer support. The dashboard is easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly access ticket statuses, priority levels, and customer interactions without needing extensive training or technical knowledge. One of the key strengths of Frappe Helpdesk is its high level of customisation. This flexibility ensures that the Helpdesk can adapt to the unique requirements of different businesses."

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