Jul 15 2020 · 16:00 IST

Introducing ERPNext v13

In this 60-minute webinar, Jai Chavan is joined by Umair Sayed to kick start the Frappe Webinar Series. They talk about how you can use ERPNext version 13 to get reports with data that matters. You'll see how easy it is to set up dashboards and reports for most of your business areas.


- Overview of features introduced in ERPNext Version 13

- Setting up dashboards for improved analytics 

- Open House with audience 

About the Speakers

Umair Sayed, VP of Operations at Frappe has been involved in more than 100 implementations of ERPNext and has done most of them remotely. He is also known as the "Superman" at Frappe, given his deep knowledge and understanding of ERPNext. He looks after customer delivery, mentors consultants, and believes that implementation is regarded as successful if and only if the customer has realized an ROI.

Meanwhile, Jai Chavan works as a Consultant at Frappe. When she's not consulting, she is writing about her adventures or catching up with what's new in digital media. Hosting this webinar series, is her attempt to help companies learn more about ERPNext and how powerful FOSS solutions can be when implemented correctly.