Dec 14 2022 · 15:00 IST

Frappe Insights

During the ERPNext Conference 2022, Saqib Ansari's work, Frappe Insights left the audience awestruck. The ease with which data could be immediately moulded into reports and charts was mind blowing.

Do not let that FOMO get to you as you have a second chance. Join us for the webinar on 14th December 2022 and watch the magic take place again.

Some of the topics I’ll cover in this webinar are:

  1. Installation
  2. Connecting to your database
  3. ERPNext Database
  4. Local SQLite Database
  5. Remote MySQL/MariaDB Database
  6. Creating Queries
  7. Joins
  8. Filters
  9. Custom Expressions
  10. Pivot Transformation
  11. Creating Charts
  12. Creating Dashboards