Open Day October 2019

Summary of Frappe Team Activities for the month of October 2019

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.

  • Stock value and account balance sync. Merged
  • HSN wise Item Tax
  • Master calendar WIP
  • Frappe SLA underway
  • Global tags merged
  • Customizable listview columns, WIP
  • Itemwise sales history enhancement
  • Multiple company pos profile
  • Disable CWIP accounting now at asset level
  • Added Quick Stock balance
  • Appointment scheduling feature WIP
  • Fix Woocommerce connection issue
  • Fix PDF rendering issues
  • Capacity planning in manufacturing refactor WIP
  • Stock reconciliation for serialized items
  • Refactor fixed asset register
  • Monthly depreciation option in asset
  • Optimize BOM update tool

  • Cypress UI Tests Live Demo during conference
  • Now we Allow End Users to Renew Subscription After Site Expiry
  • GSTIN for auto invoicing
  • Fixed renew subscription issue
  • Group by Dashboards merged
  • Better queuing and error handling
  • Cache redundant DB calls. 7days -> 7hrs -> 5mins.

Documentation Updates:
  • Documentation updated for Projects, Accounting. Documentation for core modules are in good shape now.
  • Many broken links fixed
  • IndiaOS website and conference on January 18, 2019. Visit
  • Frappe Accounting soon to be released. Open source and free desktop tool for small businesses.

To view slides, click here

Prasad Ramesh

Marketing at Frappe

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