Open Day November 2017

Summary of Team Activities for the month November, 2017

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.


  • Frappé Chat is close to an Alpha Release. (Not just a Page, but a Desk Widget Too).
  • Non-Profit and AgriFarm Domains have been merged within ERPNext Version 10.0 (to be released on the 18th of December, 2017).
  • Payment Terms has finally been merged. Thanks, Babatunde and Nabin!
  • Frappé is completely refurbishing its ListView (...and possibly, the GridView in the future) thanks to Faris's DataTable Project for faster rendering and inline editing, encouraging faster Data Entry and Manipulation.
  • New Logos (thanks, Raghu) for all our FOSS products.
  • Employee DocType now has a TreeView (thanks, Zarrar).
  • We'd especially like to thank our Maintainer - Nabin, for patiently reviewing and merging many Pull Requests and Contributions avoiding PR pipeline blockages. (Details, within Slides).
  • Frappé Charts is undergoing an API refurbish. This will encourage you to create flexible charts (multiaxis, customized color palette, stacked bar charts) making it more feature-rich and customizable. More on this at Maintainer Notes - Issue 93
  • Schools is now - drum rolls - Education.
  • Data Import tool is a DocType with better log details, background worker, fault template threshold and ease of usage. Thanks, Manas! (PR pending for merge).

Other Developments:

Also, Faris had a LASIK done for himself. Congratulating him for receiving a clear vision. ?

With ❤ from Frappé

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