Open Day March 2014

Summary of activities in March 2014

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Open Day is a monthly event where we share updates with the team and the community about our activities.

This month we closed our financial year, we had a sales growth of 90% over last year, but barely managed to break-even. Next financial year, we are pretty confident we will. The last couple of months were very good in terms of sales as you will see in Umair's presentation.

For the development, we broke more things than we fixed this month. In the middle of the month, while I was writing the developer guide, a few things struck me as very odd in our architecture and since we were already in the middle of a big release, we went ahead and fixed those problems. Along with that we also worked on making the accounting system more robust for international accounting standards and making some fixes in our data model.

Here are the presentations for your review:

Rushabh Mehta

Rushabh is a software developer and founder of ERPNext. He usually writes about the startup experience, open source and the technologies he is working on.

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