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Open Day - June
A peek into the Frappe Team Activities for the month of June 2020


Dilpreet Kaur


Aug, 13 2020



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Work from Home

Third month into the pandemic; a gist of what the Frappe Team has been up to

ERPNext & Framework Team

  • Yet another month, yet another release, extensive testing for V12 and V13 by Michelle, Reema and Mitali
  • We have now added a search bar for easy navigation around the ERPNext documentation
  • Prssanna has been refactoring and adding enhancements for dashboards, you can now set dynamic filters for dashboards.
  • Exciting UI enhancements coming up, wait for it ;)
  • Quite a few UX enhancements in list view, card view and picklist by Marica.
  • Suraj has added enhancements in Exotel call notifications in the system and we have also updated the text editor.
  • Rucha has been extensively working on refactoring the healthcare domain, enhancements have been made in the Patient progress page and therapy type for better analytics.
  • You can now add Medical Coding fields in the Healthcare module #22501
  • Sumit has been working on developing a mobile application for ERPNext, wait for it ;)

Frappe Cloud Team

  • Offsite backups are now enabled for frappe cloud.
  • Gavin has joined the Frappe Cloud team he has worked on a quick feature which allows you to migrate your site to frappe cloud with one bench command
  • The much-awaited Custom Applications are now live on Frappe Cloud

Content Team

Team Updates:

  • Prssanna completes a year with Frappe
  • Rijul, Palkan, Parth and Vrinda experience their first Open Day at Frappe! Welcome guys :)

Download selected slides from the last open day

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Dilpreet Kaur


Aug, 13 2020


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Paul Mugambi


3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


Anna Dane


5 days


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