Open Day June 2016

Summary of activities in June 2016. Mostly version 7 and bench central

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It’s when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here


  • Rushabh worked on improving website structure, editable grids, error messages and domain-wise ERPNext demo scripting 
  • Faris, our latest member of the Frappe team, worked on the mobile app UI
  • Anand worked on Bench Central, our cloud deployment software (You can read about it here : Deployment for Everyone)
  • Valmik worked on automated weekly VM builds for ERPNext and contributed to Bench Central
  • Shreyas tuned and tested playbooks for Bench Central on multiple environments
  • Rishabh (intern) worked on automatic backup functionality in Bench Central 
  • Neil added a Student Enrolment Tool in ERPNext Schools and designed the LMS along with Shubham 
  • Shubham (intern) worked on Learning Management System i.e ERPNext Schools Portal
  • Nabin worked on most wanted feature i.e ERPNext Payment Entry, to make account entries simpler
  • Rohit worked on Timesheet, Timesheet based invoicing and Salary Slip enhancements
  • Saurabh worked on Nested Warehousing, Common Tree View and fixed Shopify issues
  • Deepshi (intern) worked on a ERPNext Support bot by implementing machine learning using a neural network
  • Kanchan worked on cleaning up ERPNext V7 and Shopping cart enhancements
  • Umair worked on V7 ERPNext and ERPNext Schools testing, also he trained the ERPNext Support Bot
  • Arundhati, Prakash, and Umair as a team have extended ERPNext live support by six hours

Now that vacations are over, our interns have gone back to their studies. We wish them best of luck!

We would love to have your feedback as usual!

Saurabh Palande

Saurabh is a developer at ERPNext and loves working on complex problems. He is so fascinated by the Peshwas of Pune that he recently relocated to Pune from Mumbai.

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