Open Day July 2019

Summary of Frappe Team Activities for the month of July 2019

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.

  • Much awaited and successful version 12 release as planned on July 22nd 2019, which incidentally is Frappe's 11th birthday, too.
  • SMS Settings fixes
  • CWIP Ledger Posing fixes
  • Project Costing enhancements
  • Manufacturing Scrap Item fixes
  • Amazon S3 Backup Fixes
  • Drag/Drop Desktop Cards
  • BOM Comparison Tool
  • Partial Stock Entry against Work Order
  • Quick Entry for Quality Inspection
  • Item Manufacturer DocType
  • FRCS VMS (V-SDC) for accredited fiscal invoices in in development
  • The much-awaited, feature of the decade "Pick List" has been shortlisted for development finally
  • Faster Travis (Now 30 minutes instead of 60)

  • Web Form Refactors, Website fixes
  • Improvements to dropdown filters
  • Energy Points Accessibility
  • Social User Profile Enhancements
  • Meta Tags in all Web Pages
  • Auto Repeat Refactor: Works for all document types now!
  • Access Log is a WIP, which is another security ensuring feature to track access of documents (print, exports, etc)
  • Session Defaults, a much-needed feature for smooth navigation across various documents(ex switching between 2 Companies)
  • Offline ERPNext is in talks for development. Are we ready for this?
  • Faster Travis (Now 6 minutes instead of 12)

Documentation Updates:
  • HR Documentation has been enhanced to map all use-cases possible
  • Email Dropbox
  • Billing Summary Reports
  • Invoice Discounting

  • Testing coverage for all new features was done by dedicated team of consultants and engineers.
  • Translator Portal fixes
  • User SSH Certificates live
  • Easy Install Script Fixes
  • Option to delete personal data for any ERPNext account subscribed with Frappe
  • Since our annual conference dates near, Frappe and ERPNext Foundation come together to finalise infrastructure for the conference. The website for conference went live towards end of July. Check out:

Team Updates:
  • Frappe completed an 11 years of awesomeness on July 22nd 2019 and the event was celebrated with not just a cake, but karaoke & pizzas as well. We thrive forward towards more, we've just begun ;-)
  • Salman has completed 1 year at Frappe


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