Open Day Blog January 2020

Summary of Frappe Team Activities for the month of January 2020

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.

  • Repay of employee advance via salary slip
  • Recurring Additional Salary
  • Windows installer for ERPNext biometric
  • Inter warehouse stock transfer with taxation
  • Group by Item-wise sales and purchase register
  • Optimization while fetching items from Material Request in Purchase Order
  • Colors for In and Out quantity in Stock Ledger Report
  • Social Media campaigns in ERPNext, LinkedIn and Twitter are ready and should be merged soon!
  • Added From Warehouse in Material Request and Source Warehouse in Work Order
  • Optimization and UI refactoring of ERPNext POS
  • Form cleanup and refactoring in Healthcare module

  • Link field title fixes
  • Dashboard chart creation from Script and Query report.
  • Change in report API to show report summary. For more details checkout this Pull Request.
  • Desk refactor to show charts and more dynamic data. For more details checkout this pull request.
  • Translation tool for better contextual translations. It's still a work in progress and updates can be expected on it in the coming months.
  • Multiple enhancements in Frappe Books! Checkout Frappe Books.
  • Partner Program pricing changes and enhancements. Checkout Partner Portal.

Content and Documentation Updates:
  • Updated documentation for Education module.
  • Many errors fixed in documentation.
  • Several Help Articles updated.
  • Published several feature pages for various modules and domains.

  • We had our first India OS conference fostering FOSS in collaboration with Zerodha.
  • We welcome our new Team Members:
    • Sumit Bhanushali (Engineer)
    • Anupam Kumar (Engineer)
    • Afshan Khan (Engineer)
    • Abhishek Balam (Engineer)

To view slides, click here

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