Open Day January 2017

Summary of activities in January 2017

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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.


  1. It was one of the best months in sales for Frappe Technologies.
  2. ERPNext got biggest feature contribution in the form of Email Inbox. Community engagement over discuss forum, webinar and Github was commendable. Congratulations to New Indictrans Technologies for successful ERPNext Meetup in Pune.
  3. ERPNext Software Foundation is just around the corner. All the statutory requirements for the foundation is almost completed. Foundation's website design has already started and membership registration to initiate soon.
  4. We released Reseller Portal, and it is already lead to customer conversions.
  5. Makrand is the new member on board. His rich ERPNext background has already made him favorite among support team.
  6. Following are the enhancement by teammates in the existing features of ERPNext. Most of these will be part of ERPNext Version 8.
  7. POS redesigned
  8. Data Import Tool revamped to improve user onboarding
  9. New Calendar view has been added. Also, view of Event is furthermore beautified.
  10. Existing text-editor will be replaced with new one called Summernote.
  11. These are the new features developed in this month.
  12. Employee Loan Management
  13. Global search
  14. Student fee management
  15. Feedback Trigger on closing Issues

Team Presentations

Umair Sayed

Umair is Frappe's co-founder, VP - Partnerships, and mentor for Frappe School team.

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