Open Day January 2014

Summary of activities in January 2014 and a bit about the upcoming rebranding

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What is Open Day? Open Day is an event when the entire team shares updates on what they have worked on for the past month. We also post the presentations online so that the entire community can stay up to speed.

We are starting the year with a bang!

With the upcoming release of version 4, a lot of possibilities have opened up and it is difficult to encompass them under the brand of ERPNext. So, we are rebranding our platform as Frappe, and will become You can find further details in Rushabh’s presentation.

On another note, we also have our first sponsor: CWT Connector and Wireless Technology GmbH from Germany. Also, two of our power users have started posting  bounties on issues and they are up for grabs.

Here are the presentations for this month:

Anand Doshi

Anand is the Chief Technology Officer at ERPNext. He reads fiction, dabbles in photography and is always on the watch for the best ToDo app.

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Rushabh Mehta 10 years ago


Thanks for your thoughtful comment - we had a lot of discussion on this and at least for 3 mo

Mike 10 years ago

I'm sure you've through through the pros and cons already, but in my opinion, I'm not quite sure tha

Anand Doshi 10 years ago

@Aditya Thanks for the feedback! I will keep it simple henceforth.

@Laurence pushState is

Laurence 10 years ago

pushState -- not sure what this is, but "download only the difference (saves bandwidth and is fast!)

Rushabh Mehta 10 years ago


Thanks for your encouragement. Its great to have awesome users like yourself :)

This rebra

Aditya Duggal 10 years ago

Great to see the team at it again....

But I must say @Rushabh you are kind of following 37signals t