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Open Day December 2017
Summary of Team Activities for the month of December 2017.


Kenneth Sequeira


Jan, 24 2018



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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.


  1. ERPNext V10 released!
  2. Frappe Chat is finally merged into develop branch. Will be released soon on the Master branch once stabilized. Thanks to Achilles for working relentlessly on this for the past two months.
  3. Share management for companies is coming to ERPNext.
  4. Datatables has been merged! The project, taken up by Faris will help in faster rendering and inline editing, encouraging faster Data Entry and Manipulation.
  5. New grid view and list view for File Manager created.
  6. A lot of fixes and updates by Manas in the Education domain like Program Enrollment, Instructor, and Fee Payment Entry.
  7. New GSTR-1 B2B Report by Nabin and Vishal. GSTR-1 (B2B and B2C) has now been merged in develop. 
  8. Continual updates in the new logos for Frappe and it's FOSS products by Raghu.
  9. New website up for Mumbai Hackathon, an OpenSource hackathon organized by ERPNext. Now accepting registrations.
  10. ERPNext now supports VAT introduced in UAE and KSA from !st Jan 2018. A very big thanks to Rohit!.
  11. New frappe.js framework by Rushabh. Frappe.js  is a meta-data driven framework that enables rapid application development of Node.js and Electron-based applications.
  12. New bundling system for Frappe using Webpack thanks to the efforts of Faris, Achilles, and Prateeksha. 
  13. Frappe charts, an OpenSource chart library by Prateeksha, has crossed over 10,000 stars on GitHub.

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Kenneth Sequeira


Jan, 24 2018


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