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Open Day August 2018
Summary of Frappe Team Activities for the month of August 2018.


Chinmay Pai


Sep, 7 2018



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On Open Day, we share our activities of the month with each other and the community. It's when we take a step back and see where we stand. To see past open days, click here.


  • QuickBooks Migrator is a Work-in-Progress, and plans for adding in Tally Migrator are under consideration.
  • A comprehensive guide to start contributing to the ERPNext Documentation is now available on the ERPNext Wiki.
  • Supplier-wise Sales Analytics Report is now available.
  • Budget validation against existing records has now been fixed.
  • Users will now be able to back-flush materials from the WIP Warehouse.

v11 Updates

  • The update changelog has been posted on the inexhaustive v11 features and changes page.
  • ERPNext v11 is slowly being rolled out to public! As of now, more than 80 sites have already migrated to the latest version. To have your site updated, send a mail requesting an update to

Marketplace has now been released! ??

  • Marketplace is a portal that allows you to discover, list, and sell products easily from your ERPNext site.
  • You can communicate with other sellers, add item reviews, save items to your personal list and much more!


  • Transactions are now highly optimized! Results show a staggering 4x performance improvements during code execution.
  • An update notification is now shown whenever a newer version is available!
  • Added improvements to the WebForm.
  • Emails on successful completion of backups are now optional.
  • Frappe now supports VueJS. You can now add VueJS UI components to your Frappe app. In fact, the Marketplace is completely written in VueJS!
  • We now have a more flexible and powerful naming system, allowing users to completely customize the DocType naming schemes.

ESOC Updates

  • The final milestone for ERPNext Summer of Code 2018 is now underway!?
  • A lot of developmental excellence has been shown this year, especially on an email client for Frappe.js! Users will be able to try it out soon (real soon?).

Other Updates

  • Bench now has been updated to support pip v18.0.
  • I recently joined the Frappe team as a Software Developer, alongside 4 new recruits:
    • Software Developer
      • Sahil Khan
      • Mangesh Khairnar
      • Deepesh Garg
    • Business Analyst
      • Jai Chavan
  • Saurabh has now completed 3 years at Frappe!
  • Tickets for the ERPNext Conference 2018 are now available. Visit the conference webpage for more information.
  • Prateeksha has made a fun little pac-man game in Python and ncurses! And guess what? it's on GitHub! Be sure to check it out.

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Chinmay Pai


Sep, 7 2018


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