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Contributor of the month: Rohit Waghchaure
Rohit is a Director - Engineering at Frappe. He was voted as the contributor of the month for January 2022. Here is the story behind COTM (contributor of the month) at Frappe!


Ambareen Shaikh


Feb, 23 2022



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Open Day has become a tradition at Frappe. Since we are a remote working organization, Open Day is a great opportunity to showcase our work to the team. Simultaneously it creates awareness amongst all the team members as it gives information about the projects and their success. The teammates present their performance for the past month and share the roadmap for the coming month. For January, we had eleven presentations, seven individual and four teams.

The reason why the team decided to come up with the COTM is to call out people who raise the bar and live Frappe’s values. This could be their reward for excellent work in the form of nominations and voting. The winner is decided through a poll where each teammate present on the call will have to cast their vote.

Simplifying complex business problems

Some people are passionate about getting into the roots of complex functions, simplifying them, and making them right. Rohit is one of them. Having worked at Frappe for more than six years, he has a set pattern, is well organized, and delivers likewise.

The Solutioning team was formed in September 2021 and it started functioning by the end of December 2021. Rohit is mentoring the team, Anupam and Krithi are also a part of the same team. Together they have contributed to the below-mentioned tasks.

Rohit was nominated as the contributor of the month because of his significant contributions and great mentorship skills. He fulfilled around thirteen SLAs. These SLAs are the queries that our customers expect to be resolved within the set time frame. Rohit successfully managed to close them on time.

One of our clients wanted all the finished goods to be available in one report. Rohit created the components and ensured that while the client fetches the report, they can see their goods' serial number wise. This helped them operate seamlessly.

batch splitting

The clients were facing issues in the Bill of Materials and requested the team to use a custom logic. He made a provision in the BOM which prevented the system from exploding. He also made a child table in a custom model that helped the clients count the selected rows in order.


Deciding the contributor of the month

The key to getting acknowledgment for your accomplishments at Frappe is to keep your work transparent and share it with your fellow teammates. It helps you get instant feedback that creates a scope for improvement, secondly, this is your immediate dopamine booster. :)

Like always, the team-mates presented their work and the contributor of the month was selected based on votes. The below-mentioned screenshot is the poll conducted to decide the best performer. Rohit got the maximum number of votes.


(Poll results)

Words from the winner

When Rohit is not ticking the 9 to 6 clock, you will find him enjoying food on the streets on Pune. He is an ardent fan of cricket and personally loves to play cricket. Listening to music and taking time off to go on trekking is what he likes to do.

He is grateful to be nominated as the contributor of the month. In his humble response, he adds, “I'd like to thank everyone for voting me as the contributor of the month. This motivates me to continue to work hard. I would also like to share this title with the team as they have put an equal amount of effort to complete the tasks, it’s teamwork!”


(Rohit with the teammates)

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Ambareen Shaikh


Feb, 23 2022


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3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


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