Project Work at College

Our newest hire Neil explains why doing projects is as important to getting hired as grades.

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Right from the tenth grade, students get quoted “Study well else you wont get a good job”. Its like the only reason you need to study is to get a high-paid white collared job. Does anyone really care for the knowledge one gains?

I still remember the day, which happened to be my first day at college. My professor enters and starts speaking about companies, interviews and grades. We then get her insights on how mean can she be while giving grades. Every failed student for her is like a trophy to be presented before the freshers. “Don't be like them.” is what you here. Steve Jobs and Bill gates were dropouts is all I wonder. She then comes up with her second set of trophies. Her trained students to enter the giant Indian Multinationals. I was clearly a misfit.

As semesters passed by my extra curricular went on increasing. I was constantly reminded of the goal - Good Job. It was rather their Goal. Practicals were never really a problem. It was the theory. I still don't get the point why a computer science graduate is evaluated 70% on the basis of theory.

It was in my final year that I saw some light. We were asked to develop a project on our own. Something I loved. In fact it was the only part I loved during my entire graduation. Developing a live project was indeed a tough job but manageable. It was indeed cheaper than getting it outsourced. People never really understood the importance a project could have on your first job.

After juggling through a number of interviews I came across Frappe Technologies. I had never given a thought of working at a startup. But there was something different about this company. Its focus was on making open source products. I gave the interview, got hired. I only never carried my mark sheets to the interview. They simply never asked. I was hired on the basis of my project. Now this was a fact that none of the people ever mentioned.

In all those years graduating the only document that really showed my skills was my project work.

Neil Lasrado

Neil is the most enthusiastic and social of all developers at Frappé. On weekends if you can't find him at music events or tech meetups, then he is with his friends at the Rotaract Club of Dombivli SunCity.

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