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I am Not Ready Yet
A list common reasons given by users after taking deep trials of ERPNext on why they are not ready for ERPNext yet.


Umair Sayed


Sep, 9 2013



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Here is what Bob Montgomery told us after evaluating ERPNext thoroughly for a month: 

“I have tested the ERPNext Software. We had keyed in a lot of live data. I should say it is a good software. However I feel that there needs to be a lot of discipline in the organization to be able to implement this solution well which I feel we are not ready as yet.

We regret to inform you that we will be unable to go ahead in implementing this.”

So When is a Company Ready for an ERP?

If we further dig into Bob's feedback, we understand that he dropped ERP implementation because of lack of standard procedures in his operations. Like Bob, most of the companies abandon ERP implementation because ERP product is not perfectly mapped with their not-so-generic workflow. In my home country, companies shelve ERP implementation because their employees are just so comfortable with the widely used standard accounting application.

Do You Need Discipline?

For lack of discipline, I believe bringing standardization in business processes is the primary goal any ERP solution would achieve for a company. For example, if a company wishes to bring in discipline that invoices should not be made till its delivery note is punched in, putting restriction in software would be simpler than controlling human behaviour of employees.

Employees will initially believe that using software is taking longer time in feeding data into system. But they mostly fail to envision benefits of investing that extra effort. ERP application should not be looked as a tool which puts business on auto-pilot mode. Using an ERP application is like running on a tread-mill. The extra pain you put helps in bringing discipline in your operations and ensure that your processes leads to healthy and consistence growth of organization.

Walk Before You Run

Another breed of entrepreneurs are the ones who have their business running on spreadsheets and they want to jump to an application which will bring complete automation. But sir, journey of thousand miles starts with first step. Start with that single step.

If you go about searching for an application which manages your accounting, and at the same time should address to problem of pilferage in your warehouse by having surveillance system in place, you can search across the world to get solution for everything in one system available off-the-shelf for the price of a soda. There is very little chance that your search will meet a successful end!

And my special regards to those employers who don’t want to trouble their employees by implementing ERP application just because their employees have become used to an existing application

Keep Innovating

A very smart saying I heard in the promos of quiz contest said, if you stop learning, you stop winning. If vehicle stops mid way while climbing bridge, it is automatically dragged down and stops much before the start point.

Also, there are many other reasons due to which small businesses restrain from implementing ERP solution. To list a few more:

  • Print formats are my religion. Get me exactly same output from your system.
  • I won’t migrate from existing application. Can you merge your application with mine?
  • Guys, you don’t have jazzy graphs.
  • Come over to my place and implement solution. I want ERP but not ready to take implementation pain.
  • I need customization.

So, if I start searching for silver bullets answer to these questions, I am so sure I will keep searching.

If you think customization would be solution to get required solution, it is correct, with few limitations. One of our customer who had customized application found that over a period of time, that technology was out dated. When using product, it allows you to avail upgrades of software and ensure you are up to date on technology front as well.

After two years experience of implementing ERPs for SME, I believe that ERP should be seen more than just an integrated software to digitize your information. It should be seen as tool to grow your business.

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Umair Sayed


Sep, 9 2013


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February 20, 2019

Good thoughts thanks Umair

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb



December 3, 2013


Thanks for sharing your experience.

You are true about initial setup issue. To address it



November 10, 2013

We tried and gave up implementing an ERP solution for our machine shop using Tally like accountin

Mehul Mehta


September 12, 2013

We had a similar line of thought and in hindsight we realise how much time we wasted. The positiv



Paul Mugambi


3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


Anna Dane


5 days


I must say this is a really amazing post, and for some of my friends who provide Best British Assignment Help, I must recommend this post to them.

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