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"900+ Issues" Any software development team might just pull out their hair and each others' hair.


Kanchan Chauhan


Nov, 11 2016



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"900+ Issues" Any software development team might just pull out their hair and each others' hair. You must be wondering why Frappe Team members are not bald yet. That is because we love issues. 

You love Issues? 

Yes we do. More issue means ERPNext is being used, tested and wanted by more users. It also means we are moving forward in a right direction of making more awesome ERP system. 

Why issues, how about you do tests before releasing?

Well Frappe Team do perform tests, we do unit testing, integration testing, functional testing and usability testing. After testing it is released to the develop branch where our QA Team just rips it off. Most of the bugs are caught here only and fixed before releasing into master branch. Oh forgot to mention, ERPNext Community is our awesome QA Team. 

Where are issues listed?

As you all may be well aware we have Github repositories ( where our code is hosted and where our users can raise issues. As mentioned above we have a large number of issues open at the moment and these issues comprises of bugs, new feature requests, enhancements and functional issues. 

How to raise issues?

Think and think hard if it really is an issue. If it is a generic question or customization issue, please ask it on our forum ( If you think it is important enough to be highlighted or if it falls in any of the categories mentioned above go ahead and click on "New Issue" from that repository. Add labels to it to categorize it. And you are done. 

How do Frappe Team prioritize issues?

Critical bugs are taken up on high priority. Other type of issues are prioritized based on severity and usefulness. So a feature required by 21 users will be taken over feature required by 2 users. Sorry, but that is how it works. You need to cry out loud and get masses together in today's world to get your demands accepted. 

When are issue fixes released?

Bug fixes are typically hot-fixes which are released as and when they are reported and fixed. Others are throughly tested and we try to release them once a month into our develop branch. Once we have stable develop branch, we release it to the master branch.

Hope this gave you all the gist of how issue management system works for ERPNext on Github. And if you are inquisitive enough, we encourage you take up an issue, find a solution to it and we will be more than happy to pull that solution into ERPNext. 

If you any other question or a suggestion just drop it in the comment section below. 

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Kanchan Chauhan


Nov, 11 2016


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Paul Mugambi


3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


Anna Dane


5 days


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