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Complexity is a Company's Biggest Debt
ERPNext Partner Sunil Kumar on the hidden dangers of complexity and how ERPNext counters it


Sunil Kumar


Sep, 8 2014



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Now-a-days technology is all around the company and its tightly integrated with day-to-day operations. I believe all of you would be agree with me that during the last decade, IT has been satisfying more requirement to improve organizational performance right from sending bulk email or deal with larger data to do complex data analysis.

But complexity is the real problem in technology and sometime its hard to convince end-user easily. If you go bit deeper, complexity is invisible and present itself everywhere across organization, and gets worse and worse as companies grow. Why because, we have been adding multi-layer of management and sophisticated process in place that stretching the gap between strategy and execution.

In last three years, I have observed that technology/softwares and users has shifted toward simplicity. And ERPNext is the absolute winner in this segment where users looking for functionality without compromising with simplicity.

However, large organization are deeply integrated with legacy system built a decade ago for a different generation of users. Enterprise IT has been sustaining innovation by incrementally adding functionality without reducing complexity.

A benchmark in ERP segment with simplicity and tons of functionality.

With ERPNext, the focus is simplicity that doesn’t mean reducing functionality. It means working on how easy and intuitively we run and consume enterprise application. Bill McDermott, CEO at SAP he said - “Simplicity beats business complexity.” And I do agree with Bill. In coming year also, we will focus on simplification without compromising functionality.  

Simplification is not only about updating ugly interface and re-thinking product behavior; it about new way of distributing products.

Accelerating enterprise change

Recently, I have been in relatively bigger organization as an ERPNext partner. Even Though I failed to crack the deal but I seen a traction which was amazing. CEO of that company says - “Sunil, you guys are going to change the ERP spectrum. Keep working for few years and this market is yours.”

I’m sorry, If I make a statement that “bigger organization has relatively lesser risk appetite to try new application.” And that is where legacy application rule the market

The biggest disruption in ERP segment

“ERPNext as a platform” would be the biggest disruption going to hit the market in coming days. Certainly, we are not going to compete against industry's big boys but we will allow them to solve “hard problems” in easier way with cutting edge technology.

Get your ERPNext subscription today and enjoy the awesomeness. I’m sure you will love it.

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Sunil Kumar


Sep, 8 2014


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Paul Mugambi


3 days


Beautiful read, and an insight into an individual I respect and have learned a lot from. Am inspired to trust the process and never give up.


Anna Dane


5 days


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