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Learning updates for October 2023
New lesson components, batch emails, timetable customizations, etc.


Jannat Patel


Nov, 1 2023



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PDF Integration in Lessons

Instructors can now seamlessly incorporate PDF files into their lessons. With a simple upload from their local machine, educators can enhance their content with informative PDF documents, creating a richer learning experience for their students.

2. Audio Support for Engaging Lessons

Another significant addition is the ability to include audio files within lessons. Instructors can use the same upload feature to select audio files from their local machines, making lessons more dynamic and accessible for all.

3. Batch-Level Email Communication

Within batch management, a dedicated "Emails" tab is now available exclusively for moderators. From here, moderators can efficiently communicate with all students in a batch, sending important announcements, updates, and information. The tab also maintains a record of all previous emails sent.

4. Text-Based Assignments

Instructors can create text-based assignments where students are required to input their responses directly. With this streamlined approach students can now type their responses in a text field, simplifying the submission process.

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5. Batch Confirmation Emails

When students are added to a batch, whether through payment or manual moderation, they will receive a confirmation email. This email not only informs students of their enrollment but also provides key batch details, including date, time, and a convenient link to join the batch.

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6. Customizable Timetable Legends and Milestones

With the introduction of timetables in batches, moderators now have the flexibility to customize labels and colors for each activity displayed in the timetable. Activities can also be marked as milestones, requiring students to complete all previous activities before attempting milestone tasks.

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7. Quiz Refactor for Enhanced Assessment

A major overhaul has taken place in the quiz functionality. Quiz questions are no longer bound to tables, making it easier to reuse questions. Instructors can now assign individual marks to questions, and the total marks are calculated based on these values. Passing percentages can also be set for quizzes, ensuring students meet minimum requirements to complete lessons.

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 11 24 11 AM

Screenshot 2023-10-20 at 11 24 11 AM

8. Certificate Template Customization

Moderators can link certificates to their preferred templates. By creating print formats for certificates and associating them, certificates will render based on the selected template.

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9. Registration Source

On the billing page, users are prompted to specify where they heard about the course or batch they are paying for. This valuable information, which includes options like Newsletter, Social Media, Website, Google, and more, can be analyzed by moderators to understand lead sources and optimize their outreach strategies.

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These exciting updates are geared towards making Frappe LMS more versatile, user-friendly, and efficient for both instructors and students. We can't wait to see how these features enhance your eLearning journey! Stay tuned for even more enhancements and keep exploring the limitless possibilities with Frappe LMS.

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Jannat Patel


Nov, 1 2023


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